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Goodfellas George ‘Bugs’ Moran

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Product information

Feel like the commander of the neighbourhood with this slick wooden smoking device. A classic model pipe with slight hexagon bended tube. Fill up with the finest tobacco and puff out thick clouds of smoke while planning the next smuggling route.

Based on the prohibition era Chicago-gangster George ‘Bugs’ Moran; Al Capone’s biggest rival, who gained notoriety for popularizing the drive-by shooting.

Goodfellas George ‘Bugs’ Moran - features

  • Official Goodfellas tobacco pipe
  • Retro design and feel
  • Velvet carrying bag and pipe-stand included


Manufacturer/brand Goodfellas
Size 14 cm
Productcode Productname
11032 1 piece

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1 Reviews

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victor 2014-11-12

Bought this as my first pipe and im really enjoying it :)

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