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Lighters | Clipper lighter - Torch lighter

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Unleash the element of fire at your bidding with our dizzying array of lighters, from the classic Clipper style lighters to scorching hot jet flame lighters. Don't want to use butane gas? Don't worry, it can be done without resorting to a potentially dangerous gas; such as the lighter for the sun or via HempWick.

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A reliable torch lighter, the flame vaporizer aficionado can't live without one. This easy to use one also lights up joints.
1 piece - $10.85
Simple metal torch lighter that can take a hit. Easy to pocket when taking your flame powered vaporizer with you.
Gray - $10.85
Modern life requires a jet flame lighter. How else are you going to heat up your VapCaps or Sticky Brick vaporizers? The Zorr jet flame is the affordable option.
black - $2.86
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