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Open Your Eyes

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Product information

Red eyes from smoking too much? Or just tired from computer work? These drops based on natural ingredients revitalise tired and red eyes and have a soothing effect.


Open Your Eyes eyedrops moisturise and lubricate the eyes and give relief from dryness and irritation.


2 drops per eye, as long as needed.


A bottle contains 15 ml Isotonic solution with herbal extracts including chamomile and eyebright.


Store in a dry and dark place and keep out of reach of children. Use within 3 months after opening.

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7 Reviews

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Lasse 2014-05-30

This product is working properly. Really helpful of tired "red chines" eyes.
Be sure you drop liquid straight to eye, if you hit skin under/around the eye, your eyes would be more red than before.

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