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Product information

The famous King Size rolling papers by Smoking make rolling a perfect joint easy. Quality extra large cigarette paper from Miquel Y Costas & Miquel S.A. Each package contains 33 papers. Eight different types!

Green: made out of pure hemp, 110 x 53 mm

Slim: extra slim papers, 110 x 44 mm

Red: the classic papers, extra large 110 x 53 mm

Master Silver: for the expert, 110 x 37 mm

Eco: 100% natural, 110 x 44 mm

Blue: normal, extra large 110 x 53 mm

Black de Luxe: luxury looking, 110 x 44 mm

Brown: Unbleached. 110 x 44 mm

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17 Reviews

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Rasta 2012-01-31

finally now I now what the colors of Smoking papers truly mean

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