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The Lifestyle shop offers a variety of products that help you on your way to a better health and a life filled with fun. We offer nutritional supplements, high quality vitamins, drug testing kits, festival gear and an extensive library of books.


You better take good care of your body. After all, it may just be the only one…

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Body care

Hemp oil is one of the most valuable products of the cannabis plant. It is…

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Food & Drink

The mind and body need nourishment. Food and drink are the basis of our lives,…

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Incense is a part of the Indian heritage and has played an important part in…

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You, like many people in this world, probably don't want to walk around half…

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Azarius merchandise

If you're happy and you know it, just show it! Here you'll find awesome goodies,…

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Festival gear

Azarius Festival Gear has all the basic necessities for surviving big festivals…

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Gifts & gadgets

It's hard to buy gifts for others sometimes, but our little collection of neat…

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Drugs tests EZ Test

Easy-to-use drug testing kits that will detect one or more harmful substances…

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Knowledge is power! We have an extensive library with over 100 titles (in…

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