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If you're happy and you know it, just show it! Here you'll find awesome goodies, clothing and gadgets with the colourful Azarius logo. Show the world you're a happy fan!


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A typical black beanie hat with the Azarius logo for the cold days outside. Azarius goes Hipster!

1 piece - $ 10,44

With years of experience opening people's minds and hearts, Azarius now turns to something even more important: opening your bottles of booze! This handy tool can be worn on your…
Join the crew of the Azarius headquarters and enjoy your coffee or tea from the same stylish mug.

1 piece - $ 5,44

High quality Azarius smoking papers, available with and without roaches. Smoke the rainbow.

Smoking paper + roaches - $ 1,65

Your own custom made Azarius skateboard deck designed by Amsterdam tattoo artist Dick Jason Meijer. That’s how we roll!

1 piece - $ 49,45

High quality Azarius smoking papers, available with and without roaches. Pristine white cover with the colourful Azarius logo on the front and the icons on the back.

Smoking paper + roaches - $ 1,65

Filter tips from your favourite online headshop! 50 tips per book.

1 piece - $ 0,55

Large metal stash box with the transcendental colours of your favourite smartshop on it. Keeps all your smoking gear safe and fresh.

1 piece - $ 4,40

This product is out of stock.

Tough looking tank top with Azarius logo. Clearly, sleeves are for the weak.

M - $ 8,24

This product is out of stock.

Special grey tank top. You really need to show the world those muscles.
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