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An extensive selection of books on everything cannabis-related, from growing and properly cultivating to consuming it. Includes cook books and DVDs showing you how it's done. Let cannabis gurus such as Jorge Cervantes instruct you how to breed the perfect plants and end up with an amazing yield of home-grown cannabis.
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Opponents of legalisation of cannabis come with arguments based not on facts but on myths, this book unmasks them. Only available in German.
L. Zimmer e.a., 100 pp. - $22.59
Practical guide with information about the multiple possibilities of using cannabis for medical and health reasons. This book is only available in French.
Rosenthal e.a., 274 pg - $14.26
New edition of the book "Healing Hemp, the ideal public medicine". This version includes new interviews and new information on the amplifying medicinal effect of CBD, experiences of people with…
"A book about the cultivation of hemp and lots more" - A beautifully illustrated book 'about growing hemp and lots more' with more then 500 photographs.
This book is the easy guide for Cannabis aficionados by cannabis guru Jorge Cervantes. 240 pages with 760 full-colour illustrations and photographs.
German - $28.29
Hier recherché par toutes les polices, aujourd'hui star internationale, Howard Marks, le contrebandier de hasch devenu héros d'un film, raconte. Confessions d'une légende vivante. This book is only availabe in…
Howard Marks, 632 pp. - $31.94
An easy to read how-to-do-it book. 'Growing on Coconut' shows the reader how to build an indoor garden, control the climate and grow plants on a coconut-fibre based system.
Hydroponics on rockwool, a step by step guide that goes through all the aspects you have to deal with once you start growing on Rockwool indoors.
Simply Soil, an easy to read step by step guide for growing on soil with plenty of illustrations, diagrams and tips on how to get results.
Spanish, 96 pp. - $11.98
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