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Mushroom Growing Made Easy Video

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  • cultivation at home

  • mushroom lifecycle

  • cubensis cultivation

  • sterile techniques

  • inoculation methods

  • rice-flour and vermiculite

  • substrates

  • incubating

  • terrariums

  • humidification methods

  • casings

  • agar media

  • isolating strains

  • bulk growing

Available in NTSC video format only. The following countries use the NTSC format. Many modern VCR's however are multiplay and can play all formats. Check the manual of your VCR for more details.

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2 Reviews

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zitouni 2007-12-08

good surprise

Per Henrik 2006-09-16

This is a very thorough video, if you have many questions about home cultivation of Psilocybe mushrooms befour seeing it you have none after seeing it!

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