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The Psychotropic Mind

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In the Amazon, shamans do not talk in terms of hallucinogens but of tools for communicating with other life-forms. Ayahuasca, for example, is first and foremost a means of breaking down the barrier that separates humans from other species, allowing us to communicate with them. The introduction of plant-centred shamanism into the Western world in the 1970s was literally the meeting of two entirely different paradigms. In The Psychotropic Mind, three of the individuals who have been at the forefront of embracing other ways of knowing look at the ramifications of the introduction into our Western culture of these shamanic practices and the psychotropic substances that support them.

With rare sincerity and depth, noted anthropologist, Jeremy Narby, filmmaker, Jan Kounen and writer/filmmaker, Vincent Ravalec, explore the questions of sacred plants, initiations, hallucinogens and altered states of consciousness, looking at both the benefits and dangers that await those who seek to travel this path. Focusing specifically on ayahuasca and iboga, psychotropic substances with which the authors are intimately familiar, they examine how we can best learn the other ways of perceiving the world found in indigenous cultures and how this knowledge offers immense benefits and likely solutions to some of the modern world's most pressing problems.

  • Explores how ayahuasca and iboga are tools for communicating with other life-forms.
  • Offers insights into the role this indigenous knowledge can play in solving the current problems facing the world.


Title The Psychotropic Mind
Subtitle The World according to Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Shamanism
Publisher Park Street Press
Binding Paperback
ISBN 9781594773129
Pages 192
Author(s) Jeremy Narby et al.
Language English
Productcode Productname
9476 Jeremy Narby, Jan Kounen, 192 pp.

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