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Complete your stoner lifestyle with some extra green thanks to this glass ashtray in the shape of a cannabis leaf.
1 piece - $5.14

This product is out of stock.

Celebrate the day of the dead all year round with this Calavera style Mexican skull ashtray.
1 piece - $7.42

This product is out of stock.

Don't leaf this one hanging...
1 piece - $16.55
Beautiful batik throw-over with rasta lion; very easy on the i & i.
1 piece - $16.55
Psychedelic cloth handmade from India. Made of 100% cotton in spacious factories, without the use of child labour
1 piece - $16.55

This product is out of stock.

The Buds Rolling Tray will hold all of your things and be the envy of your stoner friends. Win-win.
Deck of playing cards with marihuana leaves on the back of the cards.
1 set - $3.71
Get ready to open up your Chakras with the chakra hand rolling tray, perfect for rolling a joint before yoga class.
Large - $7.42

Get your galaxy of multi-coloured uppers, downers, screamers and laughers safely past the bouncer with this clever stash underwear.

Beautiful handmade soap infused with hemp oil combines fine aroma's with skin care. Staring at the trippy patterns may cause time to slow down.
Be squeaky-clean thanks to your favourite product from Amsterdam. Just don't smoke it.
100 g - $5.65
The perfect bag to complement your Azarius T-shirt. Exclusive art print by the street artist Sjem Bakkus in collaboration with Amsterdam Street Art.
1 piece - $17.07
Icy Cannabis leaves floating in your drink on a hot summers day, or use the Cannabis Ice cube tray as a mold to make some delicious edibles. Either way your…
1 piece - $5.14
Psilocybin is a wonderful molecule which opens the mind to the beauty of the universe. Always carry this insight with you as a keychain in the form of its chemical…
1 piece - $10.84$9.04
For those who don't wish to hide their love for nature, there is this keychain with on the outside an image of a cannabis leaf, and real cannabis seeds inside.…
1 piece - $7.42
Psychedelic visionary artist Alex Grey introduced a new way of tripping without impulses from outside with this Mindfold set. A blindfold that allows you to open your eyes (and still…
1 piece - $18.84
The shoulder bag for all psychonauts who want to transmit positive vibes.
The Amsterdam Rolling Tray holds all your things, so you have free hands to roll an Amsterdam inspired doobie.
Perfect for the dj in your life, the grooviest of rolling trays.
This rolling tray is decorated with a well-known leaf and a well-known flag.

Gifts up to €15

Looking for a quick and affordable gift?

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