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Incense Makko bark (Sacred Plants)

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Sacred Plants Makko bark incense is made of the ground bark of the Machilus Thunbergii tree, native to China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Makko is can't be used as incense on its own. However, thanks to its water-soluble and naturally combustible properties, it is a potent fuel for incense powder. Makko on its own is odourless, so the smell won't interfere with the aroma of your favourite herb blend.

One package contains 25 g of Makko powder.

making incense out of Makko powder

Makko can be used in different ways. One of the most popular ways of using Makko is making incense cones - which you can easily do yourself, if you're in a crafty mood. The process can get quite messy though, so you might want to protect your table with some foil or wax paper.

  1. Mix 1/4 Makko powder with 3/4 of your favourite incense powder. For six cones, use 1 tsp of Makko powder and 3 tsp of incense powder. You can choose to use pre-made powdered incense. However, you can also make a blend of your favourite herbs and spices, such as damiana, sage or cinnamon, and grind it into powder with a mortar and pestle. 
  2.  Add a little bit of water. Mix it with the herbs and Makko powder, until it has a mud-like (not too thin) consistency. 
  3. Take a little bit of the mixture out of the bowl, and roll it into a cone, using your fingers. 
  4. Let the cones dry for about twelve hours. After six hours, you should tip the cones over, so that they can dry all the way through.
  5. Well done, you now have your own incense cones! Just light the top of a cone with a match or lighter, and put the cone in a fireproof bowl, preferably filled with some sand.


Only use for making incense. This product is not meant for consumption.

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