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You, like many people in this world, probably don't want to walk around half naked. Some people find being outside bare-chested to be cold, some people find public nudity embarrassing and others have a really sensitive third nipple. Whatever the reason, Azarius understands and provides. From T-shirts to sweaters, here's all the stuff you can put on to feel at ease...and look really hot to your desired gender while doing so.


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Toking isn't just fun - it's a way of life. Proudly wear these 'In Weed We Trust' socks with cannabis leaves as a sign that you're an upstanding member of…
For those who don't wish to hide their love for nature, there is this keychain with on the outside an image of a cannabis leaf, and real cannabis seeds inside.…

1 piece - $7.48

Cool keyring from the Cannabuds series. Height 4.5 cm.

1 piece - $2.25

A keyring with a freaky Cubensis or Amanita mushroom (4,5 cm).
Super cool keyring with a real magic mushroom, cast in transparent plastic. A must-have for real psychonauts!

1 piece - $7.48

The shoulder bag for all psychonauts who want to transmit positive vibes.
Small pouch by Ryot protects your stash and smoking apparel against the elements and beer-swinging festival-goers.
Cash and stash go hand in hand with the Ryot Rip-Kit. Thieves know this too. But no worries: you got everything chained up.

1 piece - $33.39

How to safely transport your vaporizer with some recreational herbs and not alert everybody to your presence? Ryot offers all the protection you need.

black - $20.15

Taking your prized vaporizer with you can now be done in style thanks to the Ryot SmellSafe Headcase.
State of the art pocket sized case holds everything the vape of smoke enthusiast needs. Clever solutions abound and you don't have to worry about "that" smell.
A simple pair of sunglasses. The one item that is more necessary than a sleeping bag at a festival. Vampires, don't leave home without one!

1 piece - $2.02

The stream of consciousness is hard to grasp but if you follow the lines on this t-shirt you might just be able to make sense of its pattern.
A spiralling journey. What was the other word for journey again...?
Graphic mushroom mandala with inward perspective.

XL - $33.39$16.70

Soldiers of psychedelia float into action. This ShroomSquad T-shirt impresses everyone!

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Wear your love of Amsterdam with pride, with The Bulldog cap. Available in black or blue.
The lenses in the Twinklerz space glasses diffract any source of light into a maelstrom of bright colours. The effect is mind-blowing and it turns your music festival or indoor…

1 piece - $9.15

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