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Sturdy battery case to store your Arizer Air II/Go batteries in.
1 piece - $2.98
Turn your bong or rig into a machine for cannabis concentrates and oils with these durable quartz glass bangers. Open your mind to the ultimate high!
Prepare to get high, real high! The Little Rippa bubbler will rip you a new one but in a very smooth way.
1 piece - $58.41
What's better than one water filter? Two water filters, of course. The Bubble by Easy Flow is the bubbler that cools and filters like no other. Stoner level: expert.
1 piece - $70.34
The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer looks familiar but this handy little fellow will definitely surprise your taste buds.

This product is out of stock.

Dimamed CBD Auto is an amazing autoflower that contains almost no THC! The perfect strain to administer if you're a green nurse.

Unavailable in your country

Divide your Minivac into four compartments with this simple divider.
1 piece - $3.58
Divide your Tightvac into four compartments with this clever divider.
1 piece - $4.17
Divide your Vitavac into four compartments with this neat divider.
1 piece - $2.98
The Fenix now has an older brother, the Fenix 2.0 and boy does this vape know how to serve you vapour. This powerful convection vaporizer has some neat features.
Everybody hates butts on the street. These Bio Organic filter tips by Greengo are biodegradable, so become a conscious smoker!
1 piece - $1.19
Extra coilless ceramic chamber with a built-in atomizer for use with the all-round FlowerMate PureHit.
1 piece - $20.86
Replacement ceramic dry herb chamber for vaping cannabis with your FlowerMate PureHit vaporizer.
1 piece - $26.82
Dropped your FlowerMate PureHit while high? Don't panic if you broke the glass chamber tube because it's easily replaced. Happy vaping assured!
1 piece - $5.36
Extra coil chamber with quartz rods for the FlowerMate PureHit vaporizer.
1 piece - $20.86
Set of replacement heater coils for your Haze Square vaporizer. It's best to replace them from time to time.
1 piece - $7.75
The Haze Square silicone pod lid creates a seal so you can use the vaporizer with e-juices and concentrates.
1 piece - $7.75
Replacement top cover for the tray of your Haze Square vaporizer. Keeps your stuff in place.
1 piece - $25.63
Are you a kratom pro that needs a challenge? Go for gold with this powerful Mitragynine liquid by JetpackKratom. Easy and powerful, a winning combination.

Unavailable in your country

Minivac is a medium-sized container that protects your weed during your wild Amsterdam adventures.
1 piece - $8.94
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