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Ever had two batteries unused batteries die on you because they had discharged each other? Never more!

1 piece - $3.16

An autoflowering variety which is as good as the original photoperiod Orange Bud in potency, quality and aroma/taste.
This feel-good indica by Dutch Passion grows fast, tastes amazing and is the perfect fit for anyone who likes to turn their bud into hash or concentrates.
PAX users your life just became easier thanks to the clever BudKups. Prefill the BudKups capsule and start vaping away!

1 piece - $24.61

CBChai by CBDirective is a CBD-rich herbal tea which produces a deep sense of relaxation in the easiest way imaginable.

8 x 3g - $15.78

CBD Lemon Potion Auto is the result of a collaboration between Barney's Farm and CBD specialists CBD Crew.
The Cheech & Chong glass cut dome provides essential protection when dabbing your precious concentrates. They're made of glass, they fall, we have a replacement.

1 piece - $14.52

The Cheech & Chong glass nail performs a beautiful balancing act which eventually will lead oily concentrates towards your lungs.

1 piece - $14.52

These multi-deployable tapered silicone rubber plugs will fit male and female openings with a water-tight fit.
Loading just got a lot easier with this handy funnel for the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers.

1 piece - $14.52

This water pipe adapter fits both the Mighty and Crafty and can be used with 14mm and 18mm female bubblers and waterpipes.

1 piece - $37.24

Customize your own vaping sesh by switching coils with this coil adapter.

1 piece - $3.16

The Dabox vaporizer comes with two types of coils. Should your Clapton coil get shot like the sheriff this will replace it.

1 piece - $5.68

A replacement coil for the Dabox vaporizer.

1 piece - $5.68

Protect your Dabox coils by using this glass dab tool to apply your extracts.

1 piece - $3.16

The official red battery for your DaVinci IQ. Just keep on vaping and vaping.

- $14.52

A sturdy brush available in various sizes to clean the Verdamper vaporizers.
Protect your precious glass Verdamper vaporizer parts with grease.

1 piece - $9.47

A cork lid to be used on the Verdamper Reiziger.
A curved tube for the classic Verdamper Reiziger.

1 piece - $36.61

A down tube for the classic Verdamper Reiziger in sizes long and small.
A replacement jar for the classic Verdamper Reiziger in both sizes large and small.
A hand cut replacement screen for De Verdamper and De Verdamper Reiziger.

1 piece - $1.26

The essential oil of the Palo Santo or 'holy wood', has a strong and sweet aromatic smell. Palo Santo is used by shamans at special cleansing ceremonies and rituals.

5 ml - $18.30

Focusvape by iFocus Technology is a cleverly designed vaporizer which caters to all the cloudy needs of the starting vaporist. Get focused!
Spare 2500 mAh battery for your Focusvape. Allows you to swap out batteries and keep on vapin'!

1 piece - $15.78

Feeling bubbly? Use this glass bubbler for your Focusvape for thick, smooth clouds and extra fun whilst vaping.

1 piece - $24.61

This pod is what you need if you want to use your Focusvape for waxy concentrates - and that includes hash!

1 piece - $3.16

A pack of 3 stainless steel screens for the chamber of your Focusvape.

1 piece - $3.16

Use this handy cleaning brush to get your Focusvape all nice and shiny.

1 piece - $3.16

This dry herb pod allows you to pre-load your Focusvape, and use it on the go. Load up your pod and bring your friends!

1 piece - $4.42

Turn your good old Focusvape into a vaporizer for your favourite oils with this handy liquid pod.

1 piece - $4.42

Focusvape Pro is designed for the vaporist who likes precision. The OLED display makes all the difference.
Focusvape Pro S, a steel vaporizer packing all the innovations of the Focusvape Pro, shines with a cool industrial look.
3200 mAh battery for your Forusvape Pro or Focusvape Pro S vaporizer.

1 piece - $15.78

Replacement pyrex glass mouthpiece for your Focusvape.

1 piece - $10.73

Is your Focusvape losing its focus? Charge it with this USB cable!

1 piece - $10.73

Keep your Grasshopper batteries from discharging with these clever battery caps.

1 piece - $3.16

Loading your Grasshopper just got a lot easier with this funnel. It's a perfect fit!

1 piece - $8.20

Transport herb from grinder to vape? Fight spillage with this handy funnel.

1 piece - $9.47

O-rings are easy to lose but also easy to come by.

1 piece - $4.42

You can never have enough screens for your favourite vaporizer!

1 piece - $3.16

Chill out to the sweet, vanilla-like aroma of this sacred resin incense.

40 g - $10.73

Sacred Plants Cedar incense is made of shredded or powdered leaves from the cedar tree. Enjoy the sweet, refreshing aroma of this loose leaf incense.
Copal Grey has a sweet, floral and subtle aroma. For thousands of years, this incense has been used for energetic cleansing of persons and spaces.

25 g - $12.56

Clear your space from negative energies with this Cretan Sage loose leaf incense. Its minty, peppery aroma will make you feel sharp, clear and tuned in.

12 g - $11.30

With its wonderfully light, lemony aroma, this resin incense will put a smile on your face.

35 g - $10.73

Koalas love Eucalyptus, and we're sure you will do too! This loose leaf eucalyptus incense is amazingly refreshing, and is said to enhance your concentration.
Feeling crafty? Turn your favourite herbs into incense cones using this Makko bark powder.

25 g - $11.99

Fill your home with the rich, woody scent of this Myrrh resin incense, and enjoy its calming, soothing effect.

35 g - $8.77

This intense fragrance of this incense power is said to banish negative energy from your home.

25 g - $18.87

This Palo Santo incense has a sweet, characteristic smell, and cleanses the space from evil spirits and negative energy. Available in wood (cut or powdered) or resin.
Sahumerios is a sweet blend of woods, herbs and flowers, with Palo Santo as its main component. This incense is often used for smudging.

20 g - $10.73

The characteristic aroma of these white sage incense leaves cleanses your house from negative energy and evil spirits.
Get a direct Kanna hit with the purest e-liquid on the market.

5 ml - $24.61

Lemon Zkittle, just say it ten times in a row. Hard, isn't it? Smoke some of this THC monster and the words will come out just fine.
Michka is a strain Sensi Seeds dedicated to the French cannabis activist Michka Seeliger-Chatelain. The result? An elegant, sophisticated plant.
Get that weed in your PAX vaporizer, not on your lap/table/floor, with this nifty loading funnel.

1 piece - $9.47

Get your PAX 2 or 3 ready for the water pipe game with this simple adapter.

1 piece - $27.14

Phantom OG may have a menacing name but its effect and beauty tell a different story.
A nice pollen screen box protects and filters your fine ganja. Strategically placed magnets keep the three parts in place.

1 piece - $18.87

This cool eye-shaped grinder will make sure to remind you of how your eyes will look when you're done with your herbs.

1 piece - $22.09

This beautiful, hand-crafted grinder is more than just a pretty face. It's a super reliable tool to effectively grind your favourite herb.

1 piece - $22.09

Show off your amazing sense of style with this beautiful handmade grinder.

1 piece - $22.09

Want to effectively grind your herb, and look super fancy whilst doing so? Try this beautiful wooden grinder.

1 piece - $22.09

This huge, effective, razor-sharp grinder will satisfy the needs of any avid stoner.
So you want a grinder that's totally next level? Try this monster that's rightfully called "Shredder".
The efficient, durable Shredder truly is a lean, mean grinding machine!
In Santa Cruz, they know what to do with their bud. This practically unbreakable grinder with kief-catch will quickly, smoothly and efficiently grind your herb.
Small but fine - this tiny grinder does an amazing job when it comes to efficiently grinding your herbs!
Tiny, but absolutely vigorous - this 4-piece mini grinder will eat your herbs alive!
This top-notch grinder is the personal favourite of avid stoners from all around the world.
This amazing aluminium grinder with kief catch will grind your herbs in seconds, and last forever!
This quick, efficient titanium plated grinder is your perfect choice if you are looking for perfection.

This product is out of stock.

It's razor sharp, it's unbreakable. It grinds your herb in seconds and collects your kief - this grinder is titanium perfection.
Pop one StiffX cap, and enjoy a highly increased libido, an amazing energy boost and a rock-hard, long-lasting erection.

1 piece - $11.99

The DynaKit is a bag full of accessories to keep your VapCap in great condition.

1 piece - $25.25

The maintenance kit by DynaVap keeps your Vapcaps in tip-top shape and re-stocks you on items you've most likely lost by now.

1 piece - $12.62

An OmniVap body, either as replacement or to customize your vape experience.

1 piece - $74.47

The OmniVap stem for XL Omni pieces.

1 piece - $82.05

From the memo at Dynavap lab: Let's make an OmniVap and NonaVong hybrid. The resulting OmniVong combines the variable flow of the OmniVap with the organic feel of the NonaVong.
In need of a spare cleaning tool for your vaporizer? This universal vape tool lets you scoop weed and poke stuff loose.

1 piece - $27.14

De Verdamper jar with a capacity of 1500 or 2000 ml now available in a version with a valve and without a valve.
Keep your precious vaporizer nice and fresh with these efficient alcohol wipes.
Handmade Palo santo by Wanchanko is an easy to use and ecological incense which fills the room with its characteristic aroma.

1 piece - $10.04

Four replacement screens for your XMAX Starry V2 vaporizer. Contains two mouthpiece screens and two smaller chamber screens.

1 piece - $1.26

With this concentrate pad, you can easily vaporize concentrates with your XMAX Starry V2 vaporizer.

1 piece - $3.16

Handy (and basically essential) tool for loading, stirring and cleaning the bowl of your XVAPE vaporizer.

1 piece - $1.89

Can you use the XMAX Fog to vaporize your favourite concentrate? Damn right you can! Just use this handy concentrate pad.

1 piece - $3.16

Silicone inlay for your XVAPE Fog mouthpiece. Comes with an extra screen and a ceramic filter.

1 piece - $4.42

Replacement mouthpiece screen for the XVAPE Fog vaporizer.

1 piece - $1.26

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