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Always be prepared for the perfect hit with your ArGo vaporizer thanks to the stylish Pre-Load & Go Case.
1 piece - $97.25
Blue Gelato 41 by Barney's Farm sounds like Smurf ice cream but tastes like earthy citrus. The calming effects are stunning.

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The Crafty+ is ready for the new decade. The popular portable now is faster, lighter and more powerful!
1 piece - $342.97
A package of 60 alcohol wipes to keep your Firefly 2+ shiny.
1 piece - $6.33
Keep on vaping that ultra-smooth vapour with your Firefly 2+ and this extra rechargeable battery.
1 piece - $33.95
Replacement battery door in three different colours for the Firefly 2+ convection vaporizer.
Charging the Firefly 2+ is super simple and quick with a charging dock.
1 piece - $33.95
Three extra concentrate pads for getting serious high on cannabis concentrates with the Firefly 2+ vaporizer.
1 piece - $9.78
Spare top lid for the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. The easiest way to change the colour of your Firefly 2+.
A longer glass flame intake helps to prevent combusting your weed with any Sticky Brick vaporizer.
1 piece - $18.99
G Pen Nova is a simple, powerful and affordable vape pen that allows you to extract the full flavour and effects from your weed and concentrates.
1 piece - $51.22
G Pen Nova LXE takes the power and simplicity of concentrate vaporization to a whole new level. Experience concentrates like never before thanks to premium materials and studied airflow engineering,
1 piece - $74.23
Going back to Cali, to return with Glookies, a powerful strain with a mesmerizing bouquet.

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With a potential 24% THC Gorilla Zkittlez by Barney's Farm will leave you smoking.

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With the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch, fire-power will be at the tip of your fingers. Whether you need to heat up a dab rig or make crème brulè.
With these practical and efficient Higher Standards Dot Wipes cleaning and maintaining your vaping and smoking devices has never been easier.
1 piece - $13.81
Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz are soft bristled, flexible pipe cleaners, ideal for the maintenance of the precious glass components of your smoking or vaping devices.
1 piece - $6.91
With Higher Standard's Pipe Stix you have a two-in-one cleaning solution to keep all your favourite smoking and vaping devices in premium state.
1 piece - $6.91
Why compromise the flavour of your flowers with dirty glassware? For a thorough clean of the toughest buildup on your bong, pipe or dab-rig, Higher Standards Salt Rox is the…
1 piece - $11.51
Reliable and refillable, the legendary Zippo receives a modern look in this Higher Standards Zippo Lighter.
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