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Making edibles becomes foolproof thanks to the amazing MagicalButter MB2e machine. Get ready for a career as a cannacook.
1 piece - $200.65
CBVeta CBD coconut oil is a 100% organic beauty product for hair and skin. Indulge yourself.

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Extra battery that fits the blue Cookies x G Pen Nova concentrate vaporizer.
1 piece - $27.92
Take your concentrate game everywhere you want with the striking Nova pen vaporizer by G Pen and Cookies.
1 piece - $48.05

This product is out of stock.

Replacement battery for the G Pen Connect concentrate vaporizer.
1 piece - $72.92
Pair your G Pen Connect vaporizer with any male joint thanks to one of these glass female adapters.
Pair your G Pen Connect vaporizer with any female joint thanks to one of these glass male adapters.
Extra tank for vaping concentrates with the G Pen Connect vaporizer.
1 piece - $36.43
No hemp protein, no gain! HemPower by CBDirective is a hemp based protein powder that is easy to use. An excellent choice for vegan and vegetarian sportspeople.
240 g - $15.81
Don't forget to decarboxylate your cannabis before making an infusion. With the DecarBox you'll get to most out of your stash.
1 piece - $42.51
Let your fantasy go wild while making cannabis-infused gummies, chocolate and candy. The MagicalButter Eat to Treat gummy tray provides an easy form for beautifully shaped gummies.
1 piece - $20.07
Adapt the straining of your cannabis infusion with this filter kit which includes three different types of filters and a silicone LoveGlove to keep your hands clean.
1 piece - $36.43
Handle all your edible MagicalButter creations with care using the LoveGlove.
1 piece - $15.75
Nobody likes a kitchen full of sticky dough. These baking mats ensure a super clean cooking experience with the MagicalButter machine.
1 piece - $18.19
Use the MagicalButter butter tray to make perfect chunks of edible goodness. Easy to use, easy to clean.
1 piece - $20.07
Here's the candyman specialized in green gummies and other goodness straight out of the MagicalButter machine.
Rainbow Road by Paradise Seeds is a rollercoaster of sweet tastes and heavy effects. A big yielder too.

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Always have a drink on you with this classic steel flask by Revelry. It also features a cool stash compartment.
1 piece - $36.49$29.19
The Amigo is Revelry's colourful interpretation of the fanny pack. The protective accessory that will get you through a city trip or wild night out.
Upgrade your chef status with this great looking waxed cotton apron by Revelry.
1 piece - $72.99$58.39
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