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Glass mouthpiece for an extra comfortable vape experience with the Air Solo II and Air II.
Long mouthpiece in stylish black glass effectively cools the vapour of your Arizer Go.
1 piece - $10.81
Easy to dose organic CBD oil (5%) by cannabis masters Sensi Seeds.

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The Firefly 2+ is here! Full convection vaping at its very best for both weed and concentrates. Now with improved airflow and battery life.
Two spare mouthpieces for avid users of the Firefly 2+ convection vaporizer.
1 piece - $10.81
Gather your dub, stoner rock and techno records! Because HiFi 4G will warp your ears and open new dimensions to your favourite music. Thanks, Dutch Passion!

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Jetpackkratom Enhanced Leaf is a combination of Maeng Da Kratom leaves and 45% extract kratom powder. Pure and easy to use.

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Extra USB charger cord for the Linx Eden vaporizer.
1 piece - $10.81
Charge your Linx Eden in an orderly way by placing it in this charging dock.
1 piece - $22.18
Set of three extra lava plates for vaping concentrates with the Linx Eden.
1 piece - $10.81
Protect your Linx Eden glass mouthpiece with one of these matching caps.
Complete mouthpiece to be used as a replacement on your Linx Eden vaporizer.
Set of four extra glass mouthpiece tubes for clean and hygienic vaping with the Linx Eden vaporizer.
1 piece - $10.81
Ensure a cool vape experience for your lips thanks to these silicone mouthpiece caps for the Linx Eden.
1 piece - $2.84
Stainless steel water pipe adapter connects the Linx Eden to a bong for some extra filtered vapour.
1 piece - $16.49
Unlock the special power of cannabis oils and e-liquids with the Linx Hermes 3. Simple, small and very effective.
1 piece - $39.24
Spare empty atomizer for use with the Linx Hermes 3. Available in two sizes.
Named after a classic dessert, you just know how Meringue by Dutch Passion is going to taste. Super sweet. The effects are pretty sweet too.

Unavailable in your country

With Mokum's Tulip Dutch Passion brings you the ultimate Amsterdam experience when it comes to cannabis: sweet and powerful. "Lekker rokertje!" as we like to say here.

Unavailable in your country

A pair of magnetic adapters for the PCKT One Plus. The adapters are round so they can suddenly disappear. A spare set will save the day.
1 piece - $10.81
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