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Keep your Fenix 2.0 tidy with this simple cleaning brush.
1 piece - $3.51
Additional titanium heating chamber for the Fenix 2.0. Easy to remove, easy to lose. Get a spare one, just in case.
1 piece - $8.18
Full replacement mouthpiece set for the Fenix 2.0 vaporizer.
1 piece - $17.53
The main part of the Fenix 2.0 mouthpiece can easily be replaced with this rotating part.
1 piece - $5.84
It’s got all the bases covered without breaking the bank. FlowerMate does it again with the Slick vaporizer.
1 piece - $92.32
Hook the FlowerMate V5 NANO up to a water pipe with this easy to use adapter. Chill those vapors!
1 piece - $16.95
Expand the high of your G Pen Elite with a nice bong and this water pipe adapter.
1 piece - $16.95
Get high in an orderly way by preparing your GHOST MV1 hit in advance with the crucible kit.
1 piece - $22.79
GHOST MV1, why is your vapor so cool? That's my heat sink doing all the hard work.
1 piece - $16.95

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Striking yellow acryl grinder for heads that want to keep things simple.
1 piece - $3.45
Shred your cannabis buds to little pieces like a school of piranhas with this lovely 2-piece grinder.
4-part grinder by Piranha delivers finely cut cannabis and catches kief for extracurricular activities.
Be the most efficient stoner on the block with these clever dosing capsules for the FURY 2.
1 piece - $16.95
Get seriously high on cannabis oil or wax with your FURY 2 thanks to these simple metal pads.
1 piece - $11.10
Vape like a king or queen by connecting this suction hose to the Herborizer Bubbler. Now you only need to find a comfy place to sit.
1 piece - $27.46
Replacement glass suction tube for the Herborizer Bubbler.
1 piece - $27.46
Are you a shaky stoner? This locking clip keeps your Herborizer construction in place.
1 piece - $3.21
Are you into comfortable vaping? Then this suction hose for the Herborizer Sphere is for you.
1 piece - $27.46
Replacement suction tube for use with the Herborizer Sphere.
1 piece - $9.93
Keep your injector TI (or bowl TI) safe with this robust injector stand.
1 piece - $45.58
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