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Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips offer a filtered and more pleasant smoking session.
1 piece - $18.19
A new rival in the battle of glass water pipes has arrived. The solid and pure glass of Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is ready to give you dense and…
1 piece - $181.86
Clean without making a mess and reach all the corners of your water pipe or rig with these practical Higher Standards tube tops silicone stoppers.
1 piece - $11.37
You've given up tobacco, but you still want to enjoy smoking a blunt? Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps offers the perfect solution for a classy, tasty and slow-burning smoking experience.
1 piece - $39.78
Stop counting sheep and start counting capsules. A single Max Relax capsule by Jetpackkratom will be enough for a soothing night full of sweet dreams.

Unavailable in your country

Are you ready for the ultimate kratom challenge? These Platinum Isolate caps by JetpackKratom offer the purest kratom known to mankind. A real power-pill!

Unavailable in your country

Some serious triple flame power to effectively light your vaporizer, bong or dab rig. The Vertigo Hawk will also get you through many a windy day.
1 piece - $22.16
Keep your Linx Eden in great shape thanks to this silicone sleeve. Fits perfectly with full control.
1 piece - $10.80
This discreet Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steamroller offers pleasant and powerful draws.
1 piece - $61.38
The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is a classy and convenient one-hitter pipe, ideal for discreet, on-the-go use.
1 piece - $31.82
The unique aesthetics and the premium materials employed for the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe deliver an exceptionally smooth smoking experience.
1 piece - $59.10

This product is out of stock.

The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller will offer you voluminous and smooth hits, at your convenience.
1 piece - $61.38
Filling and cleaning your Puffco Peak just became a lot easier thanks to the dual tool.
1 piece - $9.66
Who baked that delicious apple pie? Must have been grandma at Barney's Farm.

Unavailable in your country

The house of Hansel and Gretel in smokeable form: it's Purple Punch Auto by Barney's Farm.

Unavailable in your country

The Vogue Spray presents a new take on the trusty Santa Cruz shredder. It only needs your homegrown for some smooth action.
Pocket-sized biodegradable shredder made of 100% hemp by Santa Cruz and Cookies.
Shiskaberry by Barney's Farm is a beautiful pungent plant which will seduce you with her deep blueberry scent.

Unavailable in your country

Don't make a mess while vaping concentrates with your Stick Brick vaporizer thanks to one of these Sticky Pads.
1 piece - $5.11
Spare Volcano Hybrid power cord in case something happens to the original.
1 piece - $14.49
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