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Vibes and Aerospaced collab for a 4-part grinder that should shred enough weed for all your friends.
Lovers of CBD-rich cannabis should investigate Joanne's CBD by Royal Queen Seeds. A smoke to ease all worries without getting high.

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The MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe with Affixed Jar is a perfect first mini bong, thanks to its simplicity of use, discreet and portable dimensions and its impressive build quality.
1 piece - $98.92
With the MJ Arsenal Hydra Vape Edition you can enjoy smooth, fresh and copious hits from your favourite vaporizer pen, thanks to a state-of-the art water filtration system.
1 piece - $44.40
With a state-of-the-art percolation system, durable borosilicate glass and a compact, modern design, dabbing has never been more effective, stylish and affordable.
1 piece - $71.13

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Swap your old paper roaches with these Marley Natural Inside Glass Filter for a clean and convenient smoking experience.
The Marley Natural glass water pipe with luxurious wooden details is a piece of art that will get you high in style.
1 piece - $197.84
Don't you hate it when your beautifully rolled joint is crushed? The Marley Natural small holder protects your pre-rolled in style.
1 piece - $33.34
The Marley Natural small case is a stylish wooden comparted box for all your cannabis related materials.
1 piece - $57.80
Marley Natural smoked glass bubbler's carefully crafted sleek and sturdy design delivers an elevated smoking experience.
1 piece - $120.04
The beaker-style Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe combines art and science to deliver a cooler, smoother smoke.
1 piece - $197.84
Keep all your smoking accesoires, jars and stash safely locked away with this stylish Marley Natural lock box.
1 piece - $277.87
Beautiful wooden tray by Marley Natural lets you prepare joints in style.
Luxurious small sized grinder with beautiful wooden details by Marley Natural just loves to get a hold of your cannabis.
1 piece - $106.70
High-end grinder with beautiful wooden details by Marley Natural lets you grind enough weed for all your friends.
1 piece - $155.61
Purple Queen Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is a beautiful plant that will deliver express stress relief.

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Purplematic CBD by Royal Queen Seeds combines an impressive percentage of CBD with the ease of an autoflower.

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Shogun by Royal Queen Seeds is a powerful and energetic cannabis strain that will get you into the zone.

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Connect your Sticky Brick vaporizer to a bong with this tube.
1 piece - $10.56
Sweet ZZ Auto by Royal Queen Seeds sets a new standard for autoflowers with a strong relaxing effect and an intruiging taste profile.

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