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15-gram box of cannabis incense from Satya. Turn your room into a real stoner cave.
1 piece - $1.75
Extra atomizer cap for the Linx Ares concentrate vaporizer.
1 piece - $12.27
Extra ceramic rod atomizer for the Linx Ares concentrate vaporizer.
1 piece - $34.47
As your parents taught you: always keep your vaporizer clean. This brush helps to do just that for the Linx Ares.
1 piece - $2.92
A spare mouthpiece cap to protect the glass mouthpiece of your Linx Ares vaporizer.
1 piece - $12.27
Spare atomizer with a single coil ceramic rod for use with the Linx Hypnos Zero.
1 piece - $32.14
Hold different kinds of stash in this stylish ceramic container. Take it out, put it in your Linx vaporizer: get high!
1 piece - $12.27
Odin rises again! The first Topbond vaporizer gets a sequel with some very interesting improvements.
1 piece - $115.70
Original PAX 3 vaporizer refurbished by Azarius.
Keep your PAX 3 vaporizer ahead in the concentrate game with this insert lid and O-ring set.
1 piece - $11.10

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Carved rosewood pipe that fits in one hand. Nice chamber holds enough weed or hash to get you and several friends really high.
1 piece - $11.10
Get your best hash out! We're going to get stoned in a classic way with this stylish carved rosewood pipe.
1 piece - $13.44
Your quest for pure convection vaping has just ended: here's the RastaBuddhaTao Splinter!
Enhance the RBT Splinter experience with some extra cool vapor by using this most excellent cooling mouthpiece.
1 piece - $28.63
With the glass elbow adapter, you can connect the RBT Splinter to a tube and create an extra comfortable vape experience.
1 piece - $9.93
Enter next level vaping with your RastaBuddhaTao Splinter, your bong and this glass water pipe adapter.
Always have your vaporizer collection in a safe place with this extremely versatile RYOT Safe Case. Smell proof, customizable and it can even take on the weather without any problem
1 piece - $80.64
The Mini Table-Top may look like a toy scale for playing shop but is actually a very precise weighing instrument you can use everywhere.
1 piece - $33.89
Excellent pocket digital scale for all on the fly weighing.
1 piece - $20.45
Unlock the magic of your favorite herbal blend with this hand-held portable vaporizer. Herb resins are transformed into a cosmic, laden steam, free from CO or CO2.
1 piece - $13.44
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