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Shogun by Royal Queen Seeds is a powerful and energetic cannabis strain that will get you into the zone.

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Connect your Sticky Brick vaporizer to a bong with this tube.
1 piece - $10.65
Sweet ZZ Auto by Royal Queen Seeds sets a new standard for autoflowers with a strong relaxing effect and an intruiging taste profile.

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Tatanka Pure CBD by Royal Queen Seeds is the product of two strong CBD strains which results in a chill smoke that keeps you fully functional.

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Triple G by Royal Queen Seeds combines two cannabis powerhouses to create a smoke that will astonish all heads.

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The VapCap Dynatec induction heater presents the next step in VapCap vaping. No flame needed, electricity now heats your stuff in a few seconds.
1 piece - $167.05
The VapCap M 2020 is an updated version of the most popular DynaVap flame vaporizer. The 2020 M packs a number of improvements that will get you high in new…
1 piece - $88.57
Upgrade your VapCap vaping experience with the glass BB9 midsection. Let the blue beads play with the vapour while you get high.
Getting thirsty after hitting that joint? Hydrate yourself with this slick bottle by Vibes and Nalgene.
Compete your Vibes smoking lifestyle with one of the soft and stylish beanies.
It's alway time for pie, now available in smokeable form as the tasty Wonder Pie by Green House.

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