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Simple solutions are often the best solutions. The restrictor disc makes it possible to use bigger flames with Sticky Brick vaporizers while reducing the chances for combustion.
1 piece - $6.43
Handmade from natural materials, powered by a flame, Sticky Brick Labs strikes again with the Runt vaporizer.
Extra 18650 battery for your Storm Spirit vaporizer.
1 piece - $15.78
Set of three concentrate pads for the Storm Spirit.
1 piece - $7.60
A replacement mouthpiece for the Storm Spirit.
1 piece - $19.28
A replacement mouthpiece gasket for the Storm Spirit vaporizer.
1 piece - $1.75
Start huffing and puffing on resins with your Storm Spirit thanks to this resin capsule.
1 piece - $6.43
Set of four screens to keep your Storm Spirit in top shape.
1 piece - $4.09
Spare battery for the TopBond Novae/Novae 2 vaporizer. Keep those green fumes going and going.
1 piece - $11.10
Spare metal mouthpiece for both the Novae and Novae 2 vaporizers.
1 piece - $8.76
This simple but powerful mod box will give you a host of possibilities when it comes to building a personalized vaping experience.
1 piece - $80.64
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