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Introducing amazing deals in the Azarius Outlet

15-02-2017 - 0 Comments

Dear Azarians. From now on you can get even better deals at Azarius. We present an official outlet in which you will find discounted products for some very friendly prizes. Sometimes we just have to clear house and make room for new exciting smart products, the latest vaporizers, headshop gear… Introducing amazing deals in the Azarius Outlet

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5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Any Stoner Sweetie

13-02-2017 - 0 Comments

That’s it, February’s here! The end of that New Year vibe and the start of flourishing affections. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, plenty of sweethearts are looking for that perfect gift. Let’s first admit, Valentine’s shopping is a pain for everyone. If your partner happens to enjoy getting… 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Any Stoner Sweetie

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Dutch elections 2017 and drugs

09-02-2017 - 0 Comments

The Dutch have to vote in March, so what happens to the coffeeshop? Will there be a push towards legalisation? We will keep you posted after the election but won't bother you with the fine details of Dutch politics. If you read some Dutch check out the story at Dutch elections 2017 and drugs

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Medical effects of psychedelics: what do we know?

06-02-2017 - 2 Comments

LSD can cure cluster headaches, DMT helps against addiction and psilocybin alleviates depression and end-of-life anxiety in cancer patients. These are just some results of recent scientific studies into the medical potential of psychedelics. Psychedelic research that started in the 50s and 60s abruptly ended with the War on Drugs.… Medical effects of psychedelics: what do we know?

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“In the end, ayahuasca is always a great teacher.”

02-02-2017 - 0 Comments

In his books on ayahuasca Arno Adelaars is very close to a scientific approach, but he enjoys being in the centre of the Amazon rainforest and experiencing it himself just as much. Azarius interviewed him in the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus greenhouse about his new book and the huge demand for… “In the end, ayahuasca is always a great teacher.”

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Medical Cannabis Social Club conquers the Netherlands

24-01-2017 - 1 Comments

Suver Nuver, a Medical Cannabis Social Club from the Netherlands, grows at top speed. The foundation will open locations in Amsterdam and Leiden during the first part of this year. Members can order a variety of cannabis medications on a free donation base. The medicines will be sent by post.… Medical Cannabis Social Club conquers the Netherlands

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Did you quit smoking? 6 vaporizers to help you out!

20-01-2017 - 0 Comments

The New Year has just started, for many the moment to quit smoking again. How many attempts have you made? Do you relapse every time, because you accept a joint which as a consequence keeps you addicted to tobacco? Perhaps it is time to buy a vaporizer. A vaporizer heats… Did you quit smoking? 6 vaporizers to help you out!

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Changa - Holy smoke!

12-01-2017 - 1 Comments

Some call it ‘the evolution of DMT’, others say it’s smokable ayahuasca. Changa is a relatively new phenomenon in the psychedelic scene. Researcher and changa-expert Giorgia Gaia explains. What is changa? Many people think it’s a plant on its own, but it isn´t. It’s a smoking mixture that may contain… Changa - Holy smoke!

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Heavenly Kratom

05-01-2017 - 2 Comments

You used to be able to buy ephedra, e-booster, fly agaric, explosion and mushrooms in smartshops. Through the years all these products were unfortunately forbidden. This was the beginning of a period in which smartshops sold mostly unexciting products with the exception of truffles. Is it different nowadays? Times change… Heavenly Kratom

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Franco Loja (1974 - 2017)

03-01-2017 - 1 Comments

Azarius is saddened by the sudden death of Strain Hunter Franco Loja (42). The passionate explorer of cannabis will be sorely missed by his family, colleagues at Green House and cannabis enthusiasts all over the world. R.I.P. Franco Franco Loja (1974 - 2017)

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Dream herbs: give your dreams a boost

29-12-2016 - 0 Comments

Winter has officially started. What better thing to do than curl up in pile of blankets for some deep hibernation? And sleeping doesn’t have to be boring! Did you know you can give your dreams a beautiful boost with dream herbs? Dream herbs influence the way you dream and sleep.… Dream herbs: give your dreams a boost

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Safely partying into 2017

27-12-2016 - 0 Comments

We're not your parents, but we would like you to safely make it into the year 2017. Preferably with your entire brain intact and healthy. If you're planning something spectacular to mark the end of 2016, such as using hard drugs or an experimental mutagen only tested on monkeys, please… Safely partying into 2017

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Home-grown psychoactive trips

21-12-2016 - 0 Comments

Did you know that a large number of beautiful trips simply grow in your backyard, the park or the woods? You can even grown some psychoactive plants yourself. Others can only be found in nature. In this article we present six psychoactive substances from nature. Six home-grown trips Liberty caps… Home-grown psychoactive trips

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Christmas orders and opening hours

15-12-2016 - 0 Comments

Dear Azarians, another year comes to an end. And that means overtime for the AzaElves. We really want you to have all of your Christmas presents under the tree but that means you should order in time. The sooner you order, the better. Place your order before these dates if… Christmas orders and opening hours

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A bite of Amanita – A fly agaric adventure

14-12-2016 - 0 Comments

‘The fly agaric? Isn’t it deadly poisonous?’ Almost everyone knows the characteristic mushroom – red with white dots – but only a few realise Amanita muscaria is a psychedelic. A very special one, as she grows naturally in our forests, preferably under birch and pine trees. In autumn you have… A bite of Amanita – A fly agaric adventure

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4-FA will be illegal in the Netherlands

08-12-2016 - 0 Comments

The designerdrug 4-FA will be illegal from April first next year in the Netherlands. The drug, which is also know as 4-FMP, wasn’t availiable at Azarius anyway, but soon you won’t be able to get it anywhere (legal, that is). In last couple of years the drug has gotten more… 4-FA will be illegal in the Netherlands

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Therapeutic use of psychedelics: two new advances

07-12-2016 - 0 Comments

The therapeutic use of psychedelics is making a slow but steady comeback. Recent findings look to cement this trend despite resistance by the usual suspects. For many researchers the past 40 years have been a lost era. When LSD and psilocybin were prohibited in the 1960s the therapeutic potential of… Therapeutic use of psychedelics: two new advances

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Job Offer: freelance online writer

02-12-2016 - 2 Comments

We are looking for a new creative colleague at Azarius: A freelance online writer! What does the job entail? We are looking for an online writer who is really into smartshop products and/or vaporizers. You will be responsible for writing texts for our website in English and preferably a second… Job Offer: freelance online writer

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Aza experiences: San Pedro ceremony

01-12-2016 - 0 Comments

This is the second time I drink San Pedro. My first experience was at home with a good friend. What stays with me most is the euphoric state of mind, warm colours and beautiful patterns: imagine the famous Huichol artworks moving around. And obviously I remember the slimy goo we… Aza experiences: San Pedro ceremony

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Job Offer: Customer Service

28-11-2016 - 0 Comments

Customer Service Staff Member 24-40 hours a week About the company Since its humble beginnings in 1999 Azarius has become the world's largest online smartshop. Our mission is to give every European of age access to only the best smart and headshop products. We do this in a responsible and… Job Offer: Customer Service

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