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Hosting the perfect magic truffles party


Why did the truffle go the party? Because he’s a fungi! Taking magic truffles with friends can be a blast and we would be seriously remiss if we didn’t go over a number of easy but effective ways to make your truffle party one everybody will talk about for years… Hosting the perfect magic truffles party

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The value of a microdosing community


Who hasn’t heard yet about microdosing truffles, mushrooms or LSD? Here in the Netherlands, the mainstream media is now talking about this practice, thus helping to normalise it in the eyes of many. The Psychedelic Renaissance is real: even Marie-Claire published a piece about women who microdose. In our country,… The value of a microdosing community

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Nature Temple: a green laboratory for nature spirituality


In Teuge, a village in the east of the Netherlands, a temple is rising. Not just an ordinary temple; it’s a Nature Temple. Mark Huser and Maya van Oosterhout organise and guide ceremonies here, with and without plant medicines. The magic mushroom (truffle) is their favourite. Mark: ‘mushrooms are local,… Nature Temple: a green laboratory for nature spirituality

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Free Cannabis Seeds


Get your free seeds at Azarius! Azarius has long been a trusted name in the cannabis seed business and our reputation as a premium supplier of affordable, top-of-the-line cannabis seeds is something we hold dear. Azarius only buys from trustworthy, certified and established seed companies who have proven their worth… Free Cannabis Seeds

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Holiday gift guide


It's time to be merry with all these festivities on the horizon. Are you fully prepared to spice the holiday season up - Azarius style? Celebrate magically with our wide selection of gifts, ranging from vaporizers to party formula's, and from gadgets to lifestyle products and natural highs. Take your… Holiday gift guide

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What is Jetpackkratom?

04-12-2018 - 2 Comments

  Kratom: a brief profile Like most Kratom strains, Jetpackkratom is sourced from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciose plant, native to South-east Asia; Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, to name a few. It has a complex molecular profile, typically with over 40 alkaloids that can be classified in two categories:… What is Jetpackkratom?

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Kanna and CBD combined: twice as nice


By Sara de Waal Kanna has been totally hip and happening in recent years. Not surprising, given the special properties of this plant material from the South African Sceletium Tortuosum. Ever since prehistory, the hunter-gatherers in that area seem to be relishing themselves on these succulents. By drying the leaves… Kanna and CBD combined: twice as nice

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How to choose a magic mushroom grow kit


By Sara de Waal The psilocybe containing mushroom, or the ‘paddo’ as we say in Holland, is a popular way to get a psychedelic high in a natural way. Unfortunately, magic mushrooms are not legal to sell in many countries, not even in Holland since December 2008. Fortunately, you can… How to choose a magic mushroom grow kit

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Ten psychedelic movies you have to see

15-10-2018 - 2 Comments

By Sara de Waal Allow me to guess: given that you are browsing around the Azarius website, I think you have an above-average interest in things that expand your consciousness. Enter psychedelics! The purpose of a psychedelic product is to experience an altered consciousness. Natural drugs that influence your perception… Ten psychedelic movies you have to see

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4 tips for your best Amsterdam Dance Event ever


From October 17th to October 21st, the whole city of Amsterdam will turn into one massive dance floor. Bigger and smaller venues will host awesome dance parties in every shade of your favourite music genre. There will not just be dancing going on, though, but also movie screenings, lectures and… 4 tips for your best Amsterdam Dance Event ever

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Tripping on San Pedro: everything you need to know


By Sara de Waal Imagine. A beautiful balmy summer day, everything is in full bloom. Everyone is in a sunny mood, but with a little help from the right substances, you are able to bring this splendid day to a new level. Like in a dream you are floating through… Tripping on San Pedro: everything you need to know

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Trip Guide: Vaporizing blue lotus


Written by André You might have seen the mystic lotus flower (Nelumbium speciosum) in Buddhist iconography. But did you know that a water lily called the blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulaea) was equally important in ancient Egypt? Many spiritual meanings have been attributed to blue lotus. This flower was found in… Trip Guide: Vaporizing blue lotus

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Buyer’s guide: the right CBD-oil for you


By Sara de Waal Oh nature, how you offer us so many wonderful products! Substances to give us energy, substances to let us space, but also substances that alleviate our pain and make us healthier. Enter CBD. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that helps to combat all kinds… Buyer’s guide: the right CBD-oil for you

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Backstage at coffeeshop Boerejongens


Boerejongens (Dutch for ‘Farm boys’) has several well-known and high-profile coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They have a leading look, a quality that can be noticed both in the shops themselves and in the employees, including a ‘neighbourhood host’ in a suit. They follow the winning combination of selling products with a… Backstage at coffeeshop Boerejongens

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Trip guide: vaporizing kanna


Although the name can make one think about a new strain of cannabis, kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a vastly different herb. It comes from South Africa and is used by the local Khoikhoi and San tribes for relaxation, stimulation and prosocial effects.In South Africa, these tribes enjoy this herb by… Trip guide: vaporizing kanna

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