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Cannabis for better sleep

07-09-2007 - 4 Comments

Salisbury, United Kingdom: The use of both natural cannabinoids and cannabis extracts are associated with improved sleep in patients with various debilitating illnesses, according to a review of clinical trial data published in the journal Chemistry & Biodiversity.

"Cannabis … has been utilized for [the] treatment of pain and sleep disorders since ancient times," authors wrote. "Modern clinical trials indicate that patients administered cannabis extracts report experiencing "more restful sleep, [an] increase [in] their daytime level of function, and [a] markedly improve[d] … quality of life."

According to available data, of the 2,000 subjects that have been administered cannabis extracts in clinical trials, most "demonstrate marked improvement in subjective sleep parameters."

Trial volunteers have not reported developing tolerance to the drug, even after using it for several years.

Full text of the study, "Cannabis, pain, and sleep: Lessons from therapeutic clinical trials of Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine," appears in the journal Chemistry & Biodiversity.

Source: NORML


  • chris 08-09-2007 01:04:29

    I Know Cannabis is the best for Sleep Problems ,and it*s the Healing of the Nation!It*s time for Legalize it now !

  • LawnGnome 17-09-2007 21:59:10

    Like I always say,
    "If you toss and turn, its time to burn."

  • Dummyplug 18-11-2007 20:03:55

    Smoke a fat joint and sleep like a baby.

  • cJHLmuGObGahT 01-05-2013 16:03:06

    you should try breinwg with cannabis.. I have a little fermenter.. and if I take 10 grams of hash oil.. a half a kilo of sugar.. or dextrose, or just honey .. and covered this with water.. and I gave it a stir.. so it would desolve.. annnnd in the end I would ad some yeast and then just let it ferment.. I am telling you guys.. one little cup of the final product.. will make you feel like you have taken some ayahuasca

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