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Happy New Year!

03-01-2012 - 5 Comments

From everyone at Azarius, we wish you a healthy and euphoric 2012!

The coming year you can once again expect many new products from energizers and cannabis seeds to vaporizers. As always, we continue to strive for the best service possible.

Do you think we could better? Are there certain products you think we should stock in 2012?

Let us know in the comments below!


  • Glove-fan 03-01-2012 14:33:56

    One thing you might want to make sure is to "always" be able to provide the 100-pack of dispensable gloves since it seems to "always" be out of stock!

  • SHOVELHEAD 03-01-2012 16:14:58

    Happy New Year to you too ^.^

    Anyway you could improve Azarius by:
    - more types of plant seeds
    - more plant accessoires
    - more different psychedelics

    - a D.I.Y section would be great
    - a smoother more overall lay-out
    - more books
    - links to other great psychedelic websites
    - More statistics or infographics
    - Recommendation based on other bought items?
    - And being able to change your email adress -_-

  • sniper 03-01-2012 19:05:08

    i say more books and dvd's.
    and more new (natural) psychedelics...

  • Iboga fan 03-01-2012 23:51:18

    Tabernanthe Iboga would be very nice :)
    And why not some psychoactive Salvia like Salvia Splendens...
    or something interesssting that you know and i dont ;)

    and a happy new year also^^

  • Azarius 04-01-2012 18:35:13

    Thanks for the feedback so far. We'll do our best to give you guys what you want. Couple of things:

    -Change e-mailadres should be possible since the last site update. (sorry it took so long~!)
    -We're adding a few new books and a DVD this month.
    -We'll look into the glove thing!

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