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Free Cannabis Seeds


Get your free seeds at Azarius!

Azarius has long been a trusted name in the cannabis seed business and our reputation as a premium supplier of affordable, top-of-the-line cannabis seeds is something we hold dear. Azarius only buys from trustworthy, certified and established seed companies who have proven their worth and reliability over the years. As of this moment, our seed collection includes more than 25 seed banks and we make sure to select the best seeds each supplier has to offer. After all, we want you to be able to choose from the best of all possible worlds. While we’re on the subject, shout out to our friends at Devil's Harvest, Green House, Seedstockers, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm and Royal Queen Seeds.

We know we can count on your business when it comes to seeds you have used in the past. However, we also want to encourage you to try new varieties and strains and that is why we have decided to give out seeds...for free. That’s right, your read it here first, at Azarius we’re making it rain. Well, technically, we’re giving out free seeds - we’re a magical company but our powers to control the weather are limited. Still, for a limited time only, you will receive free seeds with every cannabis seeds order you place at our Azarius website*.

Not quite sure what to do after getting your free seeds?

But that’s not all. Azarius is all about giving so we also want to give you some advice on how to treat your new seedlings and give them the necessary care and respect. Are you an indoor grower, an urban farmer or do you have your own little patch of land? We have the seeds that are the most suitable for your needs. Are you a beginner, eager to learn about the basics of cannabis growing? Read up on the differences between feminized and regular seeds.

Buying seeds from Azarius has never been easier. Now you can use our handy search tool to find out which seeds would be just right for you. To help you get underway, we’ve compiled useful information about relevant search criteria you can use to make up your mind. After choosing your pack of seeds you will receive your free cannabis seeds in separate packaging and you’ll want to know how to give them the pampering they deserve. If you want to grow them organically, be sure to check out our step-by-step growing guide detailing an organic germination technique.

So...What exactly is the deal with those free seeds?

If you buy seeds for less than €50 you get one free cannabis seed. For every order between €50 and €100 you receive 3 free seeds and if you’re a big spender - over a €100 - you get a whopping 5 cannabis seeds for free. So what can you expect from those freebees? Your free seeds will be selected randomly but we’ve mainly selected cannabis seeds from Green House and Devil's Harvest. Green House’s Super Lemon Haze (winner of the 2008 High Times Cup) offers an active and long-lasting high with a strong citrusy flavour profile. It’s a sativa dominant strain that resulted from crossbreeding Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze making for an impressive plant, both indoors and outdoors. We also want to you to get to know the photoperiod Golden Haze strain championed by Devil’s Harvest, a mix of two potent, sativa dominant, Haze strains. Golden Haze is bound to give you a euphoric, uplifting high and comes with a fruity flavour profile. If you have any questions about the free cannabis seeds you’ll be receiving, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Time to pick and choose, read up on best growing practices and treasure those seeds because it’s almost time to start planting. Happy seed hunting!

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