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Mix Pack Auto Jacks (Sweet Seeds) feminized

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This assortment of Sweet Seeds contains 3 varieties of feminized Jack seeds: Big Devil XL, Black Jack Auto and Jack 47 Auto. There are 2 seeds from each one of the varieties, giving a total of 6 seeds.

Mix Pack Auto Jacks includes:

  • 2x Big Devil XL
  • 2x Black Jack Auto
  • 2x Jack 47 Auto

Big Devil XL:

Big Devil XL is a 3rd generation Sweet Seeds Autoflowering variety. This hybrid is the result of crossing Big Devil #2 with a Jack Herer auto.

Black Jack Auto:

Black Jack Auto is the autoflowering version of Sweet Seeds' popular Black Jack strain. A result of crossing S.A.D. Auto with Jack Herer.

Jack 47 Auto:

This hybrid is the result of a cross between a Jack Herer Auto from the Sweet Seeds R & D department and an elite clone of AK 47. Probably the most potent autoflowering variety available in the market.

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