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The Arizer Extreme Q is an improved version of the Arizer Extreme vaporizer from Canada. A new design, more energy efficient, and a much more silent fan.
1 piece - $191.56$146.22
A high quality vaporizer from Canada! Arizer has paid attention to every detail to provide you with years of reliable performance.
1 piece - $146.22$112.22
The Mighty portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (Volcano) features dual lithium-ion batteries and gives you complete control over the vaporisation temperature.
1 piece - $394.46$334.39

The PAX 2 is the ultimate handheld vaporizer for dry herbs. The stunningly beautiful design and unmatched user-friendliness make this one of the most iconic vaporizers of our time.

The Plenty is an efficient handheld whip vaporizer made by the same people as the Volcano vaporizer. Though it may look like a power tool, it’s surprisingly light weight and…
1 piece - $281.11$225.57
Vaping poolside, so relaxing, yet so risky. This shell protects your beloved AirVape Xs against diving maniacs and sudden rainstorms.
1 piece - $22.10$10.77
The Arizer Go (ArGo) is Arizer's newest dry herb vape. This vaporizer offers the same performance, durability and all features you love about the Arizer vapes, packed in a tiny,…
1 piece - $214.23$175.69

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Don't call it a comeback! One of the best-loved vaporizers of all time returns, stronger, smarter and faster.

Make your Arizer Extreme Q experience extra super fancy with this wooden hose adapter by Ed's TNT.
18 mm - $55.54$38.88
One of the biggest selling vaporizers ever gets a long-awaited sequel which packs a number of interesting improvements.
This set contains everything needed to operate your Extreme Q with the all-glass mini whip system for connecting to balloons.
1 piece - $32.31$24.23
Includes tubing with glass adapter (with screens) attached. For connecting to balloons. Only for the Arizer Extreme.
1 piece - $10.77$5.38

Food / medical grade tubing. Tubing only, does not include any glass attachments.

Includes 3' tubing with attached glass adapter (with screen) and glass mouthpiece, 1 Glass Cyclone Bowl™ and 1 glass stirring tool.
1 piece - $31.17$15.59
The AromaTop turns your AroMed into an aroma lamp.
1 piece - $20.97$15.73
The check valve is a no-return valve, to protect the heating element. Recommended for inexperienced patients.
1 piece - $11.34$8.50
Necessary to fasten the AroMed water bowl.
1 piece - $6.80$5.10
The screw cap protects the Halogen Bulb of the Aromed vaporizer.
1 piece - $20.97$15.73
Hook your Boundless TERA up to a water pipe with this stylish blackwood adapter by Ed's TNT.
blackwood - $55.54$38.88
Raise your IQ to the level of Leonardo da Vinci with this innovative vaporizer. Truly a smart choice.
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