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Buy cannabis seeds online

If you want to easily order cannabis seeds online, this is the place! In our seed bank you'll find a great number high quality strains of cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growing.

Feminized and autoflowering

Most of the cannabis seeds we offer are feminized, which means that all seeds within the pack are female seeds. In addition you'll find a large selection of autoflowering seeds. Available in easy to grow varieties for beginners as well as more difficult to manage plants for the expert cannabis grower, who wants to maximize the harvest.

Buy cannabis seeds at Azarius

Cannabis Seeds


Autoflowering (or automatic) cannabis seeds flower under any light…

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Azarius Seeds

High quality feminized cannabis seeds under our very own brand. Until we hear a…

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GreenLabel Seeds offers several varieties of feminized and autoflowering…

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Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics is a modern and innovative cannabis company based in…

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Barney's Farm

The cannabis strains offered by Barney's Farm have won many Cannabis Cups…

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Big Buddha

United Kingdom based Big Buddha made the decision to start a seed company after…

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CBD Crew

The CBD Crew is a joint venture between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds aimed…

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Devil's Harvest

The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company was born of a simple desire: to craft and make…

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Dinafem is a Spanish cannabis seeds bank which has been established since 2002.…

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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics started out growing marijuana in the late 80's in their home town…

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DNA Genetics Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada is an American collective of breeders from the West Coast.…

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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest cannabis seed companies. With years of…

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Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics creating unique…

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Green House

The Green House seed company (since 1985) was one of the first cannabis seed…

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Green House Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters Seed Bank is a seed company by the Green House Seed Company…

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Humboldt is the epicentre of the marijuana industry in Northern California,…

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Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seed Company is one of the first and leading Spanish seed companies.…

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Medical Seeds

Seeds from the Spanish Medical Seeds brand are bred especially for their…

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A fine selection of Nirvana cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growing.…

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Paradise Seeds

With over 15 years of cannabis growing and testing experience, Paradise Seeds is…

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Royal Queen Seeds

After years of experience in the cannabis cultivation business, a team of Dutch…

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Sensi Seeds

Cannabis seeds from the well-known seed bank Sensi Seeds. These seeds are…

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Sensi Seeds White Label

The buds of the cannabis plants are usually covered in crystals. When there is…

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Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is a small firm, concentrating on the production of high-quality,…

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SuperStrains is the proud inventor of the world-renowned Amnesia strain. This…

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Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is one of the most well-known seed companies from Spain. They won…

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Vision Seeds

Vision Seeds has been selling quality cannabis seeds to satisfied customers all…

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Growing supplies

Help your beloved cannabis seeds flower to their maximum potential with a host…

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Top 5 CBD seeds

The very finest cannabis seeds with a high percentage of CBD, hand picked by our…

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Top 5 Outdoor seeds

Get back to the natural way of growing cannabis with the best outdoor seeds,…

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Top 5 Sativa seeds

The best Sativa seeds picked by the knowledgeable Azarius staff. Cannabis sativa…

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Top 5 Autoflower seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds flower under all light circumstances. They grow…

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Top 10 Coffeeshop Classics

The world-renowned coffee shop. One of the great Dutch inventions which through…

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Top 10 THC seeds

Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, is the main psychoactive cannabinoid…

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Top 10 Indica seeds

The best Indica seeds picked by the knowledgeable Azarius staff. Cannabis indica…

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Staff picks

Our favourite cannabis seeds. A handy selection of the very best strains…

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Best sellers

These are our best selling cannabis seeds. You can't go wrong with these popular…

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