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The White Widow Automatic is a new cross of a classic Dutch strain, White Widow, recognised by most smokers and growers as an absolute classic strain.

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One of the most famous names in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene, White Widow has held its own against newer strains for almost two decades!

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White Widow XXL Auto is the ideal plant for small indoor growing areas or to obtain crops that go unnoticed outdoors.

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After two years of work, selecting only the best plants, Dinafem is now sure that this new White Widow autoflowering is stable and of greatest quality.

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This is a Hybrid of a little known variety in Europe but with a great following in Canada and North America.

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It's alway time for pie, now available in smokeable form as the tasty Wonder Pie by Green House.

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Fresh from the breeding labs to your grow-room - here's a superb, feminised Haze strain with all the qualities you expect from a Sativa.

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Z3 is a crossbreed between Zkittlez and Hindu Kush BC3. This beauty has been back-crossed three times, and as a result, it delivers that undeniable Zkittlez flavour, blended with the…

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Zkittlez OG Auto should come with a warning of sugary overload! This autoflower strain by Barney's Farm will have you fantasizing of living in a sweetshop.

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With Zupreme The Plug Seedbank went to the original gangster, Zkittlez by Terp Hogz. Expect more eye-watering power and taste explosions from this elite hybrid.

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All cannabis seeds

Order cannabis seeds online via the Azarius seedshop. Choose from hundreds of carefully selected cannabis strains, either for indoor or outdoor growing. Find seeds by filtering on price, brand, strain, CBD and THC levels, or cultivation properties.


Feminized cannabis seeds are the standard for the majority of today’s growers. Feminized seeds bring you only female cannabis plants. We also offer a large selection of auto-flowering (autoflower) seeds. This is a different, relatively new type of cannabis seed. A non auto-flower strain will start to flower as soon as the days become shorter, which is when the plants receive less light each day. Autoflowers start to flower as soon as the plant reaches a certain age, usually three weeks. No matter the season, your autoflowering plants will flower automatically.


All of our cannabis seeds are suitable for growing indoors. Sufficient light and constant growing conditions are the main essentials for each plant. We also offer a large choice of outdoor cannabis seeds. These plants are suitable for growing in less than perfect conditions, such as a changing amount of daylight hours.


Our seed range is not limited to the big Amsterdam seed banks, such as Sensi Seeds, Green House seeds, Barney's Farm, Dutch Passion and Royal Queen Seeds. Take a look at the artisan seed banks that specialise in potent strains with unprecedented taste and effect. Our favourites are: Devil's Harvest seeds, SuperStrains, Exotic Seed and Amsterdam Genetics.


Whether you would grow cannabis for recreational or medicinal use, it’s our pleasure helping you pick the most suitable seeds. Check out our Staff Picks where we highlight our all-time favourite seeds. We’ve also made a few special selections available for you: coffeeshop classics, seeds high in CBD, seeds high in THC, seeds for medicinal use, sativa strains, and many more.

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