Critical + (Dinafem) feminized
Critical + (Dinafem) feminized
Critical + (Dinafem) feminized

Critical + (Dinafem) feminized

7653 Dinafem

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Selected by a great grower from Bilbao to whom we owe this little marvel, for a wide variety of good reasons, this plant won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona. The most interesting feature of this strain is without a doubt the intense aroma and taste that it produces; it smells like fruity skunk, but its smell is very strong which could pose a real problem particularly indoors where the use of carbon filters is a must until it is totally dry and packaged. It is important to emphasize that when smoked, even mixed with tobacco, the original taste comes through and it does not taste like burnt grass.

It is really intense from start to finish and a real pleasure to smoke, leaving a great aftertaste. It grows like a sativa and it looks a sativa with slim, narrow leaves, not too dark, long and quite thin stems for the size of their flowers. It has a lot of side branching with a short internodal distance which improves production. It is advisable to control the height before flowering, due to its tendency to grow rapidly during this period. During this flowering period it shows all its potential, when what looks like a sativa becomes a super-producer that outstrips all other strains. It is great for SCROG systems; flower development is really fast and it is ready to harvest in 45/50 days with 12 hours of light indoors.

Outdoors it is also a great producer, flowering fast and ripening completely by the 4th week of September; it can have mould problems but, being a fast flowering plant, can be harvested without significant loses. It has high resin production and very high strength effect, which a combined physical and mental effect.

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Customer evaluation for "Critical + (Dinafem) feminized"



Comme précisé dans la description de la variété, la plante se développe lentement pendant la phase végétative. Les branches ne s'allongent pas beaucoup. Le phénotype est cependant intéressant sachant que les entre-nœuds sont serrés.

La floraison a débuté fin août (en extérieur) et la surprise survient après le premier mois de floraison. Les buds sont très compactes (même en extérieur) et très odorantes. L'une des branches pliait sous le poids des têtes. La récolte a été effectuée de 59e jours de floraison (fin octobre). De plus, les buds résistent plutôt bien au botrytis (seulement 2 têtes infectées). Néanmoins, ce phénomène est à surveiller au vue de la densité des têtes si vous la faite pousser dans une région humide.

Bien faire sécher les têtes avant de les fumer car elles sont très résineuse.

Smoke test : le goût est très bon et reste bien en bouche. L'effet est bien relaxant.

Bravo Dinafem!



This stuff smokes like no other. Even cheese falls behind this one on my growlist.
The taste and flowerspeed are great. Its easy to grow, produces big incredible compact buds for you and makes you feel satisfied every time you smoke it. Everything they say on critical+ is right.. peace



Après 45 jours de floraison les têtes sont déjà belles... Belle tenue du pied compact avec une bonne tenue pour suporter le poid des somités... je m'impatiente

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Seed Bank: Dinafem
Type of cannabis: Skunk
Effect: Pleasant cerebral high, deep physical relaxation
Average outdoor yield: 1300
Average indoor yield: 625
Seed bank: Dinafem
Composition: Indica X Sativa
Average THC: 13
Cultivation difficulty: Expert
Plant height: Tall
Indica/Sativa: Balanced
Outdoor harvest: End of October
THC level: Medium
Flowering: Short
Type of seeds: Feminized
Suitable environments: Indoor/Outdoor
Number of seeds: 3
Indoor flowering time: 47
Taste / Smell: Spicy, woody, pungent