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PowderFeeding Hybrids

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Hybrids (N-P-K: 15-7-22)

Specifically engineered by Green House for all the hybrid strains, Hybrids PowderFeeding delivers the perfect balance of nutrients for the metabolic needs of the hybrid strains. It is designed for the whole crop, from seedling to harvest, providing the best nutrition during vegetative growth and flowering. Salt-buildup in the medium is minimal, requiring less frequent flushing. It can be used on any strain that flowers in 8 to 10 weeks.

It can be used in earth, coco, hydroponics and aeroponics with the same great results.

Stop feeding 10 days before harvesting

Dilution Proportions

  • Concentration g/L 0.511.52
  • EC (mS) 0.71.422.6

These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium hardness with EC 0.7


Young plants/ Seedlings

  • Metric: 2.5 - 5 g / 10 L water
  • US:0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water
  • UK:0,09 - 0,17 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water

Growth/ Flowering

  • Metric: 10 g / 10 L water
  • US:0,35 oz. / 2,64 US gallons water
  • UK:0,35 oz. / 2,1 UK gallons water


In soil: feed every other watering.
In hydroponic coco: feed at every watering

Recommended pH values:

  • Growth: 5.5 - 6.0
  • Flowering: 6.0 - 6.5
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Customer evaluation for "PowderFeeding Hybrids"


Zelf gebruik is turfmolm brikketen voor het wortelen van mijn plantjes.
Een briket heeft 10 liter water nodig om uit te zetten.
Deze voeding zorgt dat mijn planten groeien als raketten,
ik los eerst de voeding op in 10 liter water op 21 graden.
Daarna voeg ik het briket toe en in die aarde zet in mijn gekiemde plantjes.

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