Black Domina (Sensi Seeds) feminized

Black Domina (Sensi Seeds) feminized

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This feminized four-way combination, as is to be expected, produces vigorous, delicious plants - all of which will flower as female - with a degree of exciting phenotype variation. All of them will display the characteristics most loved and sought-after by indica lovers: short stature, intense resin production, big solid buds, and a short flowering time. Black Domina stands out from other indicas by not only being a superb performer in every single one of these areas, but also by having an almost supernaturally dark green colouration. In certain lights, the plants can actually appear black. This unusual pigmentation affects not only the leaves, but also the buds. These can exhibit deep purple streaks among the dark green, all overlaid with vivid orange hairs and a thick, sparkling coating of trichomes.

The flavours of Black Domina are savoury rather than sweet or sour. There are strong tones of blackberry, black pepper, and a black hashish finish in this unusual strain. These unusual flavour notes also contributed to its name. Both the smell and the taste contain this distinctive blend of aromas. They overlay a basenote of earthy Afghani that experienced consumers will swiftly identify. Black Domina Feminized is one of those strains that, once you have sampled it, you will immediately recognize again!

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Customer evaluation for "Black Domina (Sensi Seeds) feminized"


Voor een indica is dit een topper. Steenharde buds die door en door indica ruiken. Alle zaden kiemden en brachten voor een indica bovengemiddeld op.
Ik had hier weinig knipwerk aan, maar het roken gaat traag haha :)
De geur is typisch indica en smaakt maar zoals ze ruikt na een deftig curingsproces. Ik kan de smaak na 1 week drogen niet anders formuleren dan indica. Ze zal er beter op worden. Ik vocht tegen een hittegolf aan, maar zij was de sterkste dame present in mijn tent. Begrijpelijk dat deze dame bij veel kruisingen gebruikt wordt. Consistent, gelijkmatig en onstopbaar.

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Flowering: Average
Number of seeds: 3, 5
Suitable environments: Indoor/Outdoor
Type of seeds: Feminized
Indica/Sativa: Indica dominant
Plant height: Small
Outdoor harvest: End of September
Cultivation difficulty: Easy
Indoor flowering time: 55
Seed bank: Sensi Seeds
Composition: 95% Indica
Effect: heavy, soporific
Genetics: Ortega x Northern Lights x Hash Plant (Sensi Seeds) x SA
Taste / Smell: blackberry, black pepper, black hashish