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Purple Bud Automatic (White Label) feminized

Purple Bud Automatic (White Label) feminized

14835 White Label (Sensi Seeds)

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These feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds produce high-potency Afghan indicas (AKA ‘Afghanica’ or Kush plants) with a hint of sativa and a strong tendency to show violet hues in their buds. Purple Bud Automatic flourishes indoors or out, even in cool climates or on a balcony. Auto-flowering tendency allows anyone to grow a great harvest of colourful buds!

Purple Bud Automatic is a feminized multiple hybrid with roots connecting some of the most important cannabis gene-pools in the world. The main ancestors of this strain can be traced directly to the legendary indica cultivars of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range. Other parent plants which contributed to the Purple Bud breeding program have their origins in the Caribbean, and in California’s medicinal cannabis community.

Purple Bud Automatic produces many shades other than green, with foliage ranging from dark blue-green, to lavender and violet, to burgundy and dark red. Unlike strains where purple colouring is mostly caused by low temperatures and is seen mainly in the leaves, the colours of Purple Bud Automatic are seen in its calyxes and large buds as well as in its leaves.

This strain takes on an even more mouth-watering look when its mature floral clusters become frosted with a layer of sparkling resin glands, adding a silvery, light-refracting sheen and accentuating the hues beneath. At their peak, the best examples of Purple Bud Automatic take on the appearance of richly coloured velvet.

Dried buds taste and smell just as delicious as they look with a rich, resinous pine-sandalwood flavour and sweet, fruity, musky undertones. Purple Bud Automatic’s pure indica hash plant forebears are the main source of its thick buds, rich aromas and fascinating colours. The Jamaican sativa ancestor gives some extra expansion and ‘run’ to the blooming phase and, more importantly, adds an uplifting cerebral effect which improves and extends the relaxing, body-centred buzz of its indica-dominated family tree.

Even seasoned growers and consumers will delight in a harvest of Purple Bud Automatic. On top of the resinous potency and delicious flavours, its striking appearance and beautiful colours will catch the eye every time. This tends to mean that purple buds disappear much faster than green ones! For a rewarding, easy to grow, autoflowering indica hybrid which stands out from the crowd and packs a serious punch, choose Purple Bud Automatic!

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Customer evaluation for "Purple Bud Automatic (White Label) feminized"


Comme un con j'ai laisser ma plante en extérieur donc je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de faire une belle récolte et en vraiment très petite quantité mais je vais passer sa sous lampe on verras bien.
En tout cas les tête sont bien violette j'ai hâte de pouvoir la goûter.
Ce site à l'air vraiment sérieux et en tout cas les têtes sont bien violette chose que je cherchait depuis longtemps.

Je vous en dirais plus quand elle serras enfin prête pour fumer.
Merci Azarius ;)


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Flowering: Average
Number of seeds: 3, 5
Suitable environments: Indoor/Outdoor
Seed bank: Sensi Seeds White Label
Indica/Sativa: Indica dominant
Type of cannabis: Kush
Cultivation difficulty: Easy
Plant height: Average
Type of seeds: Autoflowering
Average height: 175
Indoor flowering time: 57
Composition: 75% Indica
Effect: Relaxing body buzz, cerebral
Genetics: Hindu Kush X Purple Kush X Ruderalis
Taste / Smell: Sandalwood, pine, musk, fruity