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Guerrilla tabs are organic fertilizer tablets that improve the microbiological activity in the soil, creating the optimal conditions for growing big and healthy plants. The tablets are 100% organic.

The main advantage to Guerrilla tabs, especially for outdoor growers, is the slow-release characteristic. After the initial set-up you don’t have to check on your plants every day, nor do you need to measure EC or pH levels.

Guerrilla tabs usage

The tablets are easy to use. Push the tabs about 5 cm deep into the soil. Once underground, they will slowly release the required nutrients. For in-ground plants, use 4 tabs per plants. For container growing, use the table below to find the correct dosage:

Container size in litreTabs needed
5 L 2 tabs
10 L 4 tabs
20 L 6 tabs
30 L 6 tabs
50 L 8 tabs


This product contains 20 tabs humic acid, seaweed, feather meal, fishmeal, kelp and 6 species of beneficial soil bacteria.

Also available as juice

Guerrilla juice is a liquid fertilizer that stimulates a healthy soil and optimal growing conditions. This means you'll yield healthy plants with plenty of flower power.

Dilute 3 ml Guerrilla juice in 1 litre water. Starting from week 4, water the plants once a week with this solution. In the last 2 weeks before harvesting, use only water.

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This stuff is f***ing amazing! :)

I have a secret garden up in the mountain, which I can visit only once or twice a month ... and its EXPLODING, compared to last year when I did not have this amazing pellets :) ...

Highly recommended!!!

All the best!

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