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Propagator Pro 2

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This nifty little propagator ships completely flat, but then unfolds into a sturdy yet sophisticated container for safe germination.

For best results, seeds require an environment temperature of around 20-25 degrees Celcius, as well as moisture and light. The Propagator Pro 2 provides moisture and light for the germination of your seeds (but it does not regulate the temperature!)

The Propagator Pro 2 is fully equipped with a thermometer, a bag of perlite, and a built-in set of six LED lights to help emerge those tiny seedlings out and up towards the sky! All that's needed is a pack of Spongepots and some seeds!

Propagator Pro 2 usage

Assemble the Propagator Pro 2 as described in the provided instructions.

Once assembled, simply cover the bottom of the Propagator with the perlite (included), then mix water with the Bacto from the Spongepots, pour over the perlite, and it will retain and dispense moisture while your seeds sprout. The roots will be able to suck up the Bacto-enriched water through the holes in the bottom of the Kit.

Generally, seeds will take between 1-6 days to germinate. You can also use the Propagator as a protective nursery for starting clones and vulnerable seedlings.

The Propagator Pro 2 measures 13 x 10 x 13 (l x w x h) centimetres and will keep your germinating seeds, emerging tap roots or growing seedlings safe and healthy.

Propagator Pro 2 video


  • Propagator Pro 2 in three parts
  • A bag of perlite

Spongepot not included!

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