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Startrex (Biotabs)

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This organic fertiliser improves soil conditions and provides a boost in the early development stages of your plants. With Startrex, your plants will take off at tremendous speed!

A keen and scientifically proven blend of beneficial soil bacteria greatly improves the quality of the soil, leading to optimal growing conditions for your starting plants. And best of all it's completely organic!

Available per 1.5 and 5 kilo.

Startrex usage

  • Mix 250 grams of Startrex with each square meter of potting compost.

About Biotabs

Biotabs are a scientifically proving new growing method, based on organic soil fungi and bacteria. With easy to use products for every step of the cultivation process, beautiful and healthy plants are all but guaranteed. Big Roots, Big Fruits...Big Yields!

Try the complete Biotabs starter kit and get all the nutrition you'll need for up to 10 plants.

About Startrex (Biotabs)

Startrex contains a large quantity of soil bacteria that immediately work to improve the soil and ensure better uptake of organic fertilizers. Most potting soil is sterilised to kill weed seeds and germs. This also kills all the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. The result is that the soil life in your potting soil takes a long time to become established. By mixing your earth with Startrex, you can ensure that your soil comes to life immediately for your plant to take root more quickly.

The 3 most important components of Startrex are fulvic acids, humus and silicon. Fulvic acid is the major transporter in nature. It enters plant cells and brings nutrients to the cells that need them.


Keep cool and dry. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.

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het is goed spul heeft zijn functie, en je kan er veel planten mee doen.
eerst een echte KUT oogst en met deze voeding een stuk beter gegaan.
de eerste oogst was het van 12 planten zo'n 100 gram.
en nu wel 350 gram dus het werkt wel echt.
het duurde ook een stuk minder lang voordat de planten gingen groeien.
dit bestel ik ieder jaar weer.

groet: pieter

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