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Salvia divinorum

Salvia (also known as Diviner's Sage, Ska María Pastora or Seer's Sage)…

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Kanna (also called canna, channa or kougoed) is the dried plant material of the…

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Kratom (also known as ketum, kratum or korth) is indigenous to Thailand and…

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CBD oil & products

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of more than 60 types of cannabinoids…

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LSA seeds

LSA (d-lysergic acid amide) or ergine is a natural tryptamine that is related to…

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Magic mushrooms

The famous magic mushrooms! For thousands of years, human beings have used…

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Azarius offers 100% natural energizers, supplements and formulas for whatever…

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Herbs are our bread and butter. We travel great lengths to gather unique herbs…

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Herb extracts

These extracts of our most popular herbs contain a higher concentration of the…

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Microdosing, everyone is talking about it. What is microdosing? Taking a tiny…

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Herbal tinctures are a kind of liquid extract. Our range of tinctures are…

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Nootropics are herbs and supplements that increase mental energy and enhance…

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These psychoactive cacti are not only fun to cultivate, they can also provide…

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Seeds & cultivating

Seeds are among the most wonderful of mother nature's creations. To think that…

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Drug tests EZ Test

Easy-to-use drug testing kits that will detect one or more harmful substances…

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After party

The Azarius crew has been partying like it's 1999 since, well, 1999. So we know…

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Smart supplements

These natural supplements give your body just a little bit extra. To improve…

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Value & trial packs

Want to try out different products? Or are you looking for a good deal? Either…

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