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The Best Online Smartshop in the Galaxy

Salvia divinorum

Salvia (also known as Diviner's Sage, Ska María Pastora or Seer's Sage)…

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Kanna (also called canna, channa or kougoed) is the dried plant material of the…

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Kratom (also known as ketum, kratum or korth) is indigenous to Thailand and…

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CBD oil & products

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of more than 60 types of cannabinoids…

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LSA seeds

LSA (d-lysergic acid amide) or ergine is a natural tryptamine that is related to…

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Magic mushrooms

The famous magic mushrooms! For thousands of years, human beings have used…

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Azarius offers 100% natural energizers, supplements and formulas for whatever…

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Herbs are our bread and butter. We travel great lengths to gather unique herbs…

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Herb extracts

These extracts of our most popular herbs contain a higher concentration of the…

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Microdosing, everyone is talking about it. What is microdosing? Taking a tiny…

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Herbal tinctures are a kind of liquid extract. Our range of tinctures are…

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Nootropics are herbs and supplements that increase mental energy and enhance…

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These psychoactive cacti are not only fun to cultivate, they can also provide…

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Seeds & cultivating

Seeds are among the most wonderful of mother nature's creations. To think that…

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Drug tests EZ Test

Easy-to-use drug testing kits that will detect one or more harmful substances…

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After party

The Azarius crew has been partying like it's 1999 since, well, 1999. So we know…

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Smart supplements

These natural supplements give your body just a little bit extra. To improve…

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Value & trial packs

Want to try out different products? Or are you looking for a good deal? Either…

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Browse our selection of smartshop products by brand name. This category contains…

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The Best Online Smartshop in the Galaxy

Azarius online smartshop has many years of experience in selling herbal energizers, aphrodisiacs, psychedelic herbs, mushroom grow-kits and seeds. Some of our more popular products include salvia divinorum, kratom, kanna and magic mushroom grow kits. Currently we offer over 2000 items that make life more colourful, and we are always on the lookout for new smart products. In addition, we carry premium lines of weed and concentrate vaporizers which open up a whole new world of cannabis enjoyment. If you feel like growing your own plants, look no further, as our wide range of affiliated seed banks will meet your every need. Are you smart about your cannabis? Then you will definitely enjoy our cannabis paraphernalia which will provide you with everything imaginable to enjoy your herbs to the fullest.


What’s so smart about our shop? First and foremost, we offer an impressive range of natural products that can alter or amplify your everyday life experience in a variety of interesting ways. This includes intensifying social contact, elevating your mood, invigorating you mental faculties, stimulating you physically or even taking you on a hilarious, reality-altering trip. Browse our smartshop and find out more about our seemingly endless supply of psychoactive plants, herbs, truffles and seeds. They range from all-time favorites such as kanna, salvia and kratom to lesser known natural supplements that boost your cognitive and physical performance, enhance your experience of everyday life or spice up your nights out. Looking for CBD-oil? Our selection of superior CBD extracts is available in different CBD percentages. Want to experiment with growing your own magic mushrooms? You’ve come to the right place.

Vaporizers shop

We put the ‘smart’ in smartshop with our extensive range of weed and concentrate vaporizers. After all, vaping your herbs or cannabis concentrates is definitely a smart way of getting the most out of your favourite plant. If you are concerned about your health or want to use less herb to get properly high, vaping might just be for you. Interested in finding out more about vaping? Read our helpful little overview on the benefits of vaping compared to smoking here. We carry all major brands as well as some interesting niche brands and we’re confident you’ll find a vaporizer that’s a perfect fit.

Seeds shop

Aside from our line of psychoactive seeds, we also offer all the cannabis seeds you’ll ever need to grow your private little garden of beautiful cannabis plants. We’ve selected over 25 seed banks to choose from and included an easy tool to select the seeds that will suit your needs. Whether you are an indoor grower, an urban farmer or you have your own patch of land, you’ll be able to find cannabis seeds suitable for your growing environment. Be smart, learn more about the potency, effects and growing guidelines for each seed in our detailed product descriptions and browse our extensive range of seeds before making your final choice. After all, we know you’ll be nurturing your seedlings for quite some time and we want to make sure all your time and efforts are well spent.


For a smartshop to be smart, it should be able to provide you with everything you need to enjoy your cannabis to the fullest. Even though we don’t sell any actual cannabis, we do offer an interesting variety of cannabis paraphernalia: everything from stash boxes, grinders and bongs to pollen stamps and even extractors for concocting your very own cannabis oil. Take a look at how you can improve your cannabis experience by browsing the products in our headshop.

Lifestyle shop

We think it’s important that as many people as possible get smart about psychoactive substances. Our shop offers some nifty on-the-go drug tests as well as a whole library of interesting reading materials on the subject. Take a look at our lifestyle shop and see how you can spice up your room, your body or even your festival with our range of quirky products.

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