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Coca-Libre chewing gum

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Coca-Libre chewing gum is the world's first and only gum that is made from the unique extract of the coca leaf. Although the extract alkaloids have been removed, the leaf remains still retain all the specific and positive attributes related to the coca leaf.

Coca-Libre is a sugar-free and biodegradable chewing gum, which increases your levels of alertness and focus, in no small part due to the added caffeine. The enriched plant extract also provides a long-lasting freshness while chewing the Coca-Libre gum.

Coca-Libre gum has been extensively and thoroughly tested and certified in the Austrian laboratory of the Ministry of Finance (BMF) as well as by the Austrian Competence Centre for Food Safety (LVA) under the applicable international liability EU health requirements.

Chewing coca gum is not prohibited and the gum does not have an addictive effect like cocaine. Unless you really, really like chewing gum an incredible amount.

One package contains 10 leaf-shaped gums.


Please don't spit out this gum while in a moving vehicle. It'll likely fly right back into your hair, giving all other car occupants a free pass to mock you endlessly.

THT: 05-2017

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4 Reviews

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Alan 2015-08-22

You wanna get awsome trip on this great chewing gum? Just chew 2-3 gums and you will get euphoric in your head.
Very good relaxing thing :)

Dont chew more than 2 in the same time.

Travis B 2015-06-08

Coca without it's alkaloids? Very funny shit

Fredrik 2015-03-13

Taste was over expectations. Also gives of a nice energy boost that doesn't lose its peak!

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