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Red Kwao Krua (Butea superba) extract 25x

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Butea superba is an aphrodisiac and herb native to Thailand, where locals know it under the name Kwao Kreu Dang or Red Kwao Krua. It is used by men as a potent herbal virility enhancer and all-round rejuvenation remedy. The name Red Kwao Krua is derived from the colour of the sap found in the long roots.

Butea superba improves blood flow for a stronger and lengthier erection and may be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Extracts of this herb are used as a main ingredient in several commercial brands of sexual supplements. The root contains flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides which produce an effect comparable to big name commercial libido pills, but without any known side effects.

Interesting fact: in the same area as the Red Kwao Krua, one can also find the White Kwao Krua Kao (Pueraria mirifica), which is closely related to the Red Kwao Krua but used by women.

Butea superba effects

This herbal extract has several beneficial effects on the libido. It relaxes the muscles in the penis. Although this doesn’t sound like something you want out of a potency enhancer, consider that erections are not directly related to muscles but simply to blood flow. By relaxing certain muscles, blood flow to the penis is improved, which enhances sensitivity and performance.

It is also believed to have an effect on the emotional sexual response (desire and pleasure) though so far no conclusive evidence of this exists beyond anecdotal experiences by users.

Please note that effects are not instantaneous and that Butea superba needs to be taken regularly to maintain the effects.

Butea superba usage

The recommended way of taking Butea superba extract is with use of capsules (available separately). Add 500 mg per capsule and take one capsule three times a day before each meal.


At the time of writing there are no known harmful side effects or long-term risks associated with the use of this herb, though research is lacking. It's not recommended to combine this herb with medication. Do not use in case of heart problems or high blood pressure. When in doubt, always consult your physician or healthcare professional before use.

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