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Spirit Elixir 6

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Spirit Elixir is a purging, psychedelic, visionary Amazonian brew that can be made from a variety of plants. We offer 6 different combinations, 2 of which are traditional ayahuasca. The other 4 are ayahuasca analogues (anahuasca), which are in effect very similar to ayahuasca.

Peganum harmala seeds together with the cheap, potent, compact Mimosa hostilis rootbark, is a good combination for people with little or no experience in brewing and/or drinking, because hardly anyone who makes it for the first time gets the expected effects. Spirit Elixir 6 (anahuasca) contains:

  • P. harmala seeds, 2 grams
  • M. hostilis rootbark powder, 4 grams


Most westerners are interested in ayahuasca and anahuasca for the visionary effects. Under the right circumstances, high doses are capable of inducing such a psychedelic experience. For most people, however, it's not easy to reach this state. Gathering experience while brewing and drinking Spirit Elixir various times seems a requirement, except for a lucky few.

Besides the colorful visions, altered perception, overwhelming emotions and other effects typical to the psychedelic experience, various users report meetings with entities, out-of-body experiences, ego dissolution and comparable intense phenomena. The total inebriation time is typically between 3 and 8 hours.

For the Amazonian people, who have been drinking this potion for centuries, the purgative effects of Ayahuasca (which tend to occur in the first two hours after ingestion) are just as important as the visions. The purification effected by Ayahuasca comes in two ways: first there is the physical purging through vomiting, and second there is the mental purification of the visionary experience. Sometimes there are also other bodily symptoms like dizziness and/or stomach cramps. Those who prefer to limit the nausea, or avoid vomiting altogether for stronger effects, may try smoking or vaporizing cannabis beforehand.


Included with Spirit Elixir is a printed, elaborate English manual. You can also download the English Spirit Elixir manual here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) is required. If you cannot view the manual, download Adobe Reader here:

If you are experienced with drinks like this, Azarius recommends you to purchase the herbs of your likings in the quantities that you prefer, so outside the Spirit Elixir packs. If you are experienced, but you insist on getting a Spirit Elixir pack, you will probably want to get 2 packs for one person, or 3 packs if you have a history of insensitivity.


Overview of the primary active ingredients in Spirit Elixir (C. Raetsch 2005):

  • P. harmala: harmine and harmaline
  • M. hostilis: N,N-DMT


Spirit Elixir contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactives that are totally harmless when taken by themselves.


Don't take ayahuasca by yourself and please take notice of the historical fact that ayahuasca has been used safely in a ritual setting under guidance of trained shamans.

Azarius Encyclopedia: Using Psychedelics Safely

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6 Reviews

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dave sing 2013-08-11

'can u mix differant elixirs?


Me and my girlfriend made Ayahuasca tea.
I threw up, then fell asleep, and there was nothing more.
My girlfriend however only got nauseous, then got into a "waking dream state", as she explained.
I would highly recommend not eating for at least 4 hours before you…

Me and my girlfriend made Ayahuasca tea.
I threw up, then fell asleep, and there was nothing more.
My girlfriend however only got nauseous, then got into a "waking dream state", as she explained.
I would highly recommend not eating for at least 4 hours before you ingest it, and drink slowly so you don't vomit.

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