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Incense White Sage leaves

Incense White Sage leaves

15269 Sacred Plants

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Sacred Plants White Sage leaf incense is made of the leaves from the white sage, a shrub from the mint family. The full, characteristic aroma of this incense is said to clear your home from negative energy. 

White sage is sacred to many Native American tribes, who use the stems and leaves of this plant to cleanse their (sacred) spaces from negative energies and evil spirits prior to their ceremonies and rituals. Today, this ritualistic "smudging" is adopted by many other spiritual practices. Burning white sage is also said to offer protection and bring prosperity.

One pack contains 18 g of white sage incense. Choose between shredded or powdered.


How to use white sage incense

You can roll White Sage leaf incense into cones using water and Makko, or burn it with charcoal. To burn Cretan Sage incense, you need a heat-proof bowl (some people put sand in it to absorb the heat), a lighter or match, tongs and a charcoal briquet

  1. Ignite the charcoal briquet with the lighter or match. It's important to hold the briquet with a tool (like tongs or pliers) and not with your fingers unless you want to be in tremendous pain.
  2. Put the briquet in the bowl, and wait until it turns white around the edges (this takes a couple of minutes). 
  3. Carefully put a little bit of incense on top of the briquet. 
  4. Now sit and wait for your pure aromatic bliss.


Only use as incense. This product is not meant for consumption.

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