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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) | Buy kanna online

Kanna (also called canna, channa or kougoed) is the dried plant material of the Sceletium tortuosum; a small plant indigenous to South Africa. Hundreds of years ago the Khoikhoi of South Africa chewed and sniffed kanna. The Dutch who arrived in South Africa called it 'kaugoed', which means chewing substance.

The most important effects of kanna are relaxation, mental invigoration and deepening of social contact. In higher dosages, it may produce mild visions and euphoria.

Our kanna products

Azarius offers regular kanna herb as well as a variety of more potent kanna extracts.

More information: Azarius encyclopaedia on kanna.

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Let your mind shine like a new found treasure with Gold Rush. Your little helper for wild nights.

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Get a direct Kanna hit with the purest e-liquid on the market.

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The grounded, clear-headed effects of Rapé, combined with a happy, uplifting kanna buzz - we think it's a match made in heaven!

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Sceletium tortuosum, better known as kanna, was used as a psychedelic by the Khoikhoi of South Africa. It can be sniffed or used as tea.

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Sceletium tortuosum is a small plant native to South Africa. The wild plant has become increasingly rare and cultivation through use of kanna seeds is highly encouraged in order to…

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Kanna ET2 extract is best used as a snuff for a very strong and fast-acting euphoric effect. For experienced kanna users!

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A strong extract of Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna), 10 times stronger than the dried herb. Kanna originates from South Africa, where it has been used for more than a century for…

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Kanna extract UB40 is made especially for vaporizer enthusiasts. The extract is coarser but has a potent, relaxing buzz with rapid onset.

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Kanna UC extract is a more concentrated type of kanna extract, making it more potent. It's best used as a snuff; the onset is rapid and very intense.

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Kanna UC2 extract is a more concentrated extract just like UC, but with a slower onset and longer-lasting effects. One gram is enough for 5 - 10 dosages.

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Four kanna products in one kosmic bundle deal. Rejuvenation & relaxation!

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Relax your socks off even harder with these three Kanna extracts, bundled with love. Contains Kanna extract 10x, Kanna UC extract and Kanna UC2 extract.

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Kanna Happy Honey is a relaxing blend of honey, kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) and Valerian root. Mixed in a hot beverage it will induce a mellow feeling and will add some…

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Blackadder is an herbal blend with which you can brew a delicious, relaxing tea. Let the everyday stress glide away and enjoy a quiet moment alone. Or, share it with…

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Measure out grains of sand. Get the last scoop of milk from your cereal. Put little things in little places, with this teeny tiny spoon.

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The Euphor-E (U4E) is a blend of ingredients that will give you a special and happy sensation. Party all night and more with Euphor-E.

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A 7 cm clear glass tube that can be used for multiple purposes. Nosy people will know...

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