Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) ET2 extract

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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) ET2 extract is best used as a snuff for a very strong and fast-acting euphoric effect.

This extract contains a much higher concentration than other extracts, making this ET2 very potent! Note that kanna ET2 extract is recommended for experienced kanna fans only.

What is kanna?

Kanna is a South African narcotic plant also known as Sceletium Tortuosum. Its relaxing property was discovered by the Khoikhoi over 300 years ago. The tribesmen would chew or sniff kanna for pleasure.

Kanna ET2 extract usage

ET2 is usable as a snuff and can be mixed in a tea.

Be careful of your dosage as this is a very potent kanna extract. Use 15 - 20 mg for a light experience and up to 40 - 50 mg for strong effects.

Effects kanna ET2

Kanna produces a number of closely related effects, including a general feeling of relaxation, social buzz and mental invigoration.

When sniffed, the onset is three minutes and effects last around 30 minutes. If you use this extract in a tea it won't be active as quickly but will last for much longer, up to two hours.

Kanna ET2 exclusive

Please remember that our Kanna ET2 is an exclusive product. We sell the only authentic formula of Kanna ET2. Don't fall for fakes!

Kanna overview chart

Which kanna products should you choose? The chart below gives you a quick overview of the various kanna products Azarius has to offer.

Variety Information Potency
Kanna powder

The powdered kanna plant. Recommended for those who like a light effect.

Kanna tea bags

Kanna in handy tea bags with rooibos and chamomile.

Kanna Happy Honey

Relaxing blend of honey, kanna and valerian.

Kanna 10x extract

10:1 extract. Ten times more potent than the regular herb. Best used as a tea.

Kanna UB40 extract

Like UC2 but contains plant material to make it coarser. Perfect for use in a vaporizer at 188°C.

Kanna UC extract

Pure extract without plant material, stronger relaxation effect. Best ingested in a capsule.

Kanna UC2 extract

Like UC but best mixed with food. Slow onset; long-lasting effects. Best mixed with food.

Kanna ET2 extract

Potent extract with very rapid onset. For those experienced with kanna. Best used as snuff or tea.



Sceletium tortuosum is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I), such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), Banisteriopsis Caapi, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Yohimbe, and certain anti-depressants.

Read more information on MAO-inhibitors in the Azarius encyclopaedia.


Our kanna encyclopaedia page.

For more information about this interesting plant, please visit kanna-info.com.

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Customer evaluation for "Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) ET2 extract"


  • + Actief in lage en hogere dosering
  • + Anti-deprimerende werking
  • + Leuk met vrienden
  • + Ontspannende werking
  • + Opwekkende werking

    Voel m’n eigen beter


    Null Wirkung, schade ums Geld 👎


    Very nice stuff. Makes the world just a little bit more beautiful. Helps me to communicate with people as im a really introvert person. It gives a small euphoria too. Im very happy with the product.


    • + Actief in lage en hogere dosering
    • + Anti-deprimerende werking
    • + Leuk met vrienden
    • + Ontspannende werking
    • + Opwekkende werking

      Ik gebruik Kanna ET2 al geruime tijd en ben nu pas erachter gekomen dat je met alleen al 3 of 4 puntjes kanna (bv met een opslagbuisje met minilepeltje in het deksel), een heel vaag gevoel krijgt. Voorheen haalde ik uit 1 gram heel veel kleine lijntjes(ruim 30?). het werkt lekker in op je en ik vind het een heel aangenaam gevoel. Ik combineer het vaak met wiet en dat bevalt me ook goed.


      • + Puissant
      • - Baisse d'énergie

      J'ai l'habitude du kanna x10 en snif, i me speed sous alcool et weed
      mais la avec ce etc2, je pique du nez, et la soirée n'est pas des meilleur... je préfère le x 10 qui me speed, je pense que sa dépend des gouts, il faut essayer pour se faire son avis
      en tout cas, le gout et la coulée = ressemblance a la cocaine... mais sa apaise + qu'autre chose

      sous alcool ou sans alcool c'est trop fort pour moi, je me suis déja surpris a rentrer dans un malaise après une grosse ligne sans alcool
      attention , ceci n'est pas pour tout le monde

      en ce qui me concerne je n'en reprendrais plus car c'est trop fort pour moi


      • + better taste and more efficient


        Pas terrible du tout pour ma part.
        J'ai acheté cette extrait en voyant que c'était apparemment le plus fort et pourtant aucuns effets si ce n'est que la sensation d'avoir bu trop de café. (Je précise que j'ai pris d'assez grosse quantité!). De plus le prix est assez élevé -> grosse déception.


        WOW!!!!!!The best I have ever tried 30mg and after 2 hours old the same, only with 2 beers, I spent 3 hours very happy and very socialized in the club.While my order was short, the packaging was very good and I was very pleased and when I come to Amsterdam I will certainly visit the AZARIUS!!!


        Leuk spul niet echt een lekkere smaak maar het effect is top, in hoge dosering is het inderdaad wat minder leuk echter is dit slechts tijdelijk beetje eten en je voelt je vaak al wat beter, gebruik met kratom indo en thai 20:1 is ook wel grappig alleen niet aan te raden voor mensen met slaap problemen.
        Negatieve effecten zijn makelijk om te stoppen met de volgende herbs
        1 Damiana 50x - anti-angst en diarree
        2 CBD 4% - Werkt zeer snel ontspanning van lichaam
        3 GUAYUSA Thee of Tinctuur - anti-maagklachten en opwekkend.


          • - Te veel nemen is niet prettig

          Helaas is dit niet bevallen. Extreem opgejaagd gevoel, zonder dat het prettig is. Ook last van overgeven en diarree.

          [Azarius: vervelend dat het je niet goed bevallen is. De dosering luistert nogal nauw bij dit extract, dus als je het een volgende keer wilt doen, raden wij je aan een lagere, zorgvuldig afgewogen dosis te nemen. Een minder sterk kanna-extract kiezen kan natuurlijk ook een oplossing zijn.]


          • + Anti-deprimerende werking
          • + Ontspannende werking
          • - Te veel nemen is niet prettig

          Kanna bevalt mij erg goed.

          Ik vraag mij alleen af; kan je het nemen samen met kratom? Of kan dat niet?


          Super nice in the club. Gave me a smooth boost of fun energy. baby sniffs, baby sniffs.


          • + Actief in lage en hogere dosering
          • + Opwekkende werking


            Mit Vorsicht zu geniesen. Der Effekt war für mich schon fast zu stark und hat mich kurzeitig aus den Socken gehauen. Vielleicht lag es daran das ich nicht wirklich viel erwartet habe.


            This is really nice stuff. I got a calming and warm mood for a long time. Not like eware of overdosing! Not like mdma. Much softer. Its just right to chill out with friends. Beware of overdosing! First time i did ( 0.1g instead of 0.01g) and felt like drunk-as-fuck-smoking-hard-tobacco-in-a-bong-in-the-morning. Use it safely, have a good time


            J'ai pas trop aimer ce produit , juste avec une toute petite trace je ne me sentais vraiment pas a l'aise, très inconfortable. J'ai retenter l'experience quelque jour plus tard et pareil j'ai pas trop vu l'euphorie et l'effet relaxant c'était plutôt le contraire. Mais c'est plutot fort on est d'accord.


            Angenehme wirkung :)


            • + super wirkung
            • - keine

            Sehr gutes Kanna, reduziert Ängste und macht Depressionen weg.Danke


            • + Actief in lage en hogere dosering
            • + Leuk met vrienden
            • + Leuk thuis alleen op de bank
            • + Ontspannende werking
            • + Opwekkende werking
            • - Te veel nemen is niet prettig

            Geweldig spul dit Kanna Extract, niet te vergelijken met het normale kruid of 10x extract.

            Waanzinnig potent en plezierig!
            Voor mij werkt het perfect in lage doseringen via de neus


            Expect a big slap in your face few minutes after the first sniff, a very nice experience if you do not use too much of it. Taste is not that good but a little bit of it is enough for a nice trip.

            Feeling of warmth is very short and it will be felt only after the first couple of sniffs, but if you keep taking small amounts a good energy will remain with no negative effects.

            Good for social interaction, it also can keep you awake and it will not mess with your sleeping pattern. I also did not notice any "hangover effect" after a full night of use.


            Scheiß Zeug schwache Wirkung. Lohnt nicht investiert euer geld lieber woanders !


            Bon produit super agréable à essayer ho tope azarius merci ;)


            Ja krass …

            Der Versand ist top! Hatte noch NIE Schwierigkeiten damit!

            Zum Produkt:

            Heute ging es mir irgendwie nicht gut. Die Tage davor etwas arg viel Alkohol gehabt etc …
            und heute fühlte ich mich richtig Aggressiv und unruhig. Am liebsten hätte ich etwas zerstört und hab laute Musik gehört.

            Irgendwann konnte ich diesen Zustand nicht mehr aushalten und hab mir mein ET2 Kanna geschnappt.

            Ich war ziemlich nüchtern zu dem Zeitpunkt und hatte sehr, sehr wenig die Tage gegessen.

            Zwei Messerspitzen pro Nasenloch geschnupft.
            Man brauch erstaunlich wenig … ja.
            Der Geschmack ist grauenvoll und bitter. Ich musste auch würgen aber nicht brechen.
            Ca. 5 Minuten später fing die Wirkung an.
            Ich hab mich dann einfach auf dem Boden in meinem Bad zusammen gerollt und genossen.
            Alles war SO "egal"…
            Die Wut auf was auch immer verschwand, die Aggressionen, das betrübende Gefühl der Sinnlosigkeit ebenso.

            Ob es geholfen hat dass ich mir in Gedanken eingeredet habe dass ich die Pflanze ehre und sie bitte mir zu helfen, weiß ich nicht. Kann aber gut sein =)

            Ich möchte dieses Produkt nicht missbrauchen um aus Langeweile schnell bisl High oder sonstwas zu werden. Und da ich zu dem Zeitpunkt nur das da hatte und kein Gras, war es eine sehr gute Alternative.
            Ich hoffe es funktioniert wieder..
            und ich hoffe es kann euch auch eine Hilfe sein.


            Hi there.

            Euhm.. so a review, well here it goes - a summary:

            A very nicely controllable SSRI devoid of any recreational value.
            - this is the shortest way to describe Kanna for me.

            More thoroughly:

            So far I tried all Kanna products on Azarius (except for the new Thai extract or any liquid version) and they all were a total waste of money for me because only two of them worked - and not as expected or described, namely:
            The Kanna teabags & this very product here, the ET2 extract.

            However, to get any effect from the teabags, I had to drink 12(!) of them at once. The effect lasted for several hours and felt 1:1 identical to that of any SSRI like Sertraline (no surprise if you look at its mechanism of action, apart from one single negligible difference all it does is inhibit the serotonine transporter).

            Then this ET2 extract was insufflated intranasally. It worked. Again: However, not as expected or described. Firstly, far greater amounts needed to be insufflated, secondly the effects felt totally identical to any SSRI you can get free of charge from your health insurance if any doctor prescribes it to you, i.e. sertraline, fluoxetine and such.
            The difference of insufflation versus an infusion as a tea taken orally? The onset is much faster (several minutes for me) and the effects lasts much shorter (a few hours for me).

            The speed at which peak concentrations where reached were much faster obviously taken intranasally. However, this did not alter the quality of the experience in any regard. It still felt like an SSRI, i.e. - rather unpleasant.

            I think that anyone who feels that these feel "nice" and have a "recreational" value is actually only enjoying the thymoanesthesia (lack of passion/mood and apathy) that all SSRIs induce.
            Eventually glowing cheeks or headaches come from its effects on blood circulation (via effects on reducing blood clotting and such), by the way. People sensitive to nosebleeding should be a bit cautious I think. A tense jaw or tension headache also can result from its effect on the muscles. Especially if overdosed or susceptible to it (like me).

            In my opinion, anyone who finds this enjoyable probably benefits from going to a doctor of choice and getting a prescription for an SSRI of choice - which is exceedingly easy as they are known to have zero potential for abuse or addiction, and for good reason. Then you even get it for free if it is covered by your health insurance, which should always be the case if a doctor gave you a prescription for it - depending on your country/laws.

            Why then did I order this when I already knew this from the teabags?

            Well, despite all the above mentioned shortcomings, it does have some advantages compared to all of the SSRIs on the market, which makes it somewhat unique:

            One can very well control the onset of its action as well as the duration of its effects. Even if taken orally as a tea, but even better so when taken intranasally (which I would still advise against to do more than once or a very few times because it burns in the nostrils, meaning it is not good for its membranes there - makes sense I hope as it indicates it is irritating them).
            Orally on empty stomach this will kick in depending on the individual in under an hour or a little bit longer and last for several hours or longer depending on the dose used.
            Intranasally it is felt within minutes and lasts a few hours at the very most. Like I said - very controllable.

            This is in extreme contrast to the pharmaceutical SSRIs.
            Take Sertraline for instance: On empty stomache and taken orally (the only way it can be taken), it takes anywhere between 4.5 to 8.5 hours to kick in. Then its effects last for one to two days. Not very controllable. No immediate distraction or relief from emotions by inducing apathy quickly as in on demand (easily mistaken for being recreational or pleasant because it relieves the social or other tension).

            Fluoxetine even lasts for a week and if taken continuously prolongs its half-life via a self-induced feedback loop and lasts for some weeks in effect just from one single dose by then.

            I realise there are others out there which last shorter like Paroxetine and Venlafaxine, but none of them are comparable to Kanna. Paroxetine has a treacherously similar yet different pharmacodynamic profile from other SSRIs - as does Venlafaxine, which is why it falls into the SNRI category (depending on its dose even acting as an SNDRI with modulation of certain opioid receptor subtypes would be an even more precise description of it).

            Either way, if you feel this has recreational value, it is likely that you are compensating some issues with its effect because in no way is a pure & selective, mere SSRI recreational or enjoyable to anyone who already is in a good mood and has no troubles - at least this is my experience, which is based on some decades of experience and what a review is all about, after all. If it were a selective serotonine releasing agent that reversed the transporter this might be different, but a mere inhibitor like any SSRI? How can this be recreational?

            But if such people exist who really find this has recreational value - as alien as this seems to me - by all means, I am happy for you. After all, individuals differ. Or so I hope.
            Yet then again I wonder why no SSRI is known to have any recreational value. Anyways.

            Lastly, it could be just me because I needed such large amounts of it to actually feel its effect, but I find this way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay too expensive.

            All in all - not bad, but also not really that good. I got nothing positive out of it for me, which is for the most part probably due to my very unique nature as an individual who has just had too much and too long experience with all sorts of SSRIs and the likes - not Azarius' fault.

            If you already tried another Kanna variant/product and felt its effects but where not that pleased with them, do not bother with other variations or preparations of it. The mechanism of its action remains the same, it will feel the same. So it was for me. If you look for something recreational, I'd advise to spend the money on Kratom - it at least is an exotic & unique opioid and not just another SSRI and has some real recreational value in my opinion.

            Kind regards


            today my kanna et2 extract arrived.
            i decided to snort 50mg.
            after 5 minutes my body felt very lightweight, a floating sensation in my head, but very shortly after that i got nauseous and puked (note i had eaten a sandwich 5 minutes before snorting)

            So i'm not really sure what to think about kanna, i'll try again a bit later.


            This is really powerful extract. I like the effect of kanna, it's like I don't give a fuck bout everything. The taste is rare, but it's not unpleasant for nose and nostrils so sniffing is fine, better than MDMA. Quick onset.

            The best effects is with weed, I snorted 80mg line and then I smoked joint, but I can't finish it because I got 3 minute fit of laughter. Very nice.

            You should definitely try it.


            Waw this stuff is great!
            Just what I needed after the night shift. Feel very relaxed and in good spirits, very happy with purchase and will purchase more without doubt.


            Am Abend geschnupft, dachte erst es passiert nichts und dann kam überraschend ein recht starker Buzz. Euphorisch, leicht und unbeschwert. Die Euphorie ist schnell wieder abgeflaut, das leichte Gefühl und die glückliche Grundstimmung haben sehr viel länger angehalten - unerwartet und echt gut!


            Erzeugt geschnupft einen starken stimulierenden Rausch, besonders wenn super Sommerwetter ist.
            Geraucht mit Cannabis und Kratom wirkt es stark entspannend aber doch stark stimulierend.
            Super Ware!


            effet au rendez vous indéniable mais vomissements pour ma copine et moi


            Laat ik het netjes formuleren.... Bepaalde gevoelige delen van het lichaam worden nog gevoeliger, wat kan resulteren in een intense fysieke en mentale afsluiting. Wauw.

            Nu ben ik sowieso al een fan van kanna, maar opvallend is dat bij dit extract de fysieke sensaties enorm sterk zijn, ten opzichte van de andere extracten.


            Wow! Never tried kanna before, but this blew my mind. A really weird and fun buzz.

            I wasn't tripping at all but I did feel as if I was floating. Nice warm sensation on my cheeks for a while too.


            Leuk effect, inderdaad bedwelmend. Rustig aan gebruiken. Beetje is genoeg.
            Lijkt ook op het effect van C een beetje toch zonder opgefucked gedoe. Ik heb een bullet waar ik dit perfect mee kan doseren. Dosis is klein maar fijn.

            Als je bullet hebt dosis is perfect doe beide neusgaten een keertje en dan effe daar houden zo. Wisselende effecten.

            Ook thee van gezet, effect was niet zo pleasant, kan me ook overdosed hebben ik had last van me maag na een uur en effe zo gebleven.

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