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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UC2 extract

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Kanna UC2 extract is a more concentrated kanna extract just like UC, but with a slower onset and longer-lasting effects.

Kanna UC2 is best mixed in with food. It’s slow to produce effect but the effects remain active for a long time. Kanna UC extract on the other hand is best used as a snuff, the effects come up rapidly, are very intense, but don't last as long.

Enjoy the relaxing and socially stimulating buzz.

What is kanna?

Kanna is a South African narcotic plant also known as Sceletium Tortuosum. Its relaxing property was discovered by the Khoikhoi over 300 years ago. The tribesmen would chew or sniff kanna for pleasure.


There are several ways to consume this extract, but we recommend either mixing it with food or encapsulating. This can be easily done using one of our capsule machines. One gram is sufficient for 5 to 10 dosages at 100 mg (light experience, recommended dosage) or 200 mg (strong experience) per capsule.

Kanna overview chart

Which kanna products should you choose? The chart below gives you a quick overview of the various kanna products Azarius has to offer.

Variety Information Potency
Kanna powder

The powdered kanna plant. Recommended for those who like a light effect.

Kanna Happy Honey

Relaxing blend of honey, kanna and valerian.

Kanna 10x extract

10:1 extract. Ten times more potent than the regular herb. Best used as a tea.

Kanna UB40 extract

Like UC2 but contains plant material to make it coarser. Perfect for use in a vaporizer at 188°C.

Kanna UC extract

Pure extract without plant material, stronger relaxation effect. Best ingested in a capsule.

Kanna UC2 extract

Like UC but best mixed with food. Slow onset; long-lasting effects. Best mixed with food.

Kanna ET2 extract

Potent extract with very rapid onset. For those experienced with kanna. Best used as snuff or tea.



Sceletium Tortuosum is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I), such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), Banisteriopsis Caapi, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Yohimbe, and certain anti-depressants.


Our kanna encyclopaedia page.

For more information about this interesting plant, please visit

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Customer evaluation for "Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UC2 extract"


  • + it has effect
  • - it is not what they tell you

I took a small dosage , Than I took more , it has power ; but I think that this product has a powerfull effect if you drink;
I drunk some wodka and some snuff and it is very effective , i took some milligrams after some drink and it improves your drink effects , it is powerfull and you can be relaxed but lonely it is not powerful as I thought, good product but i feel like this has more potential than I think; it improves your mind and your body , it is a strong product...


He disuelto en té bastante cantidad. Se siente un pequeño malestar en el estomago, pero muy soportable y pasajero.

Diria que si sube el animo sin afectar a nada más (actuas con normalidad) pero muy leve. Al fumar cannabis se nota un poco más.

Esnifado no lo he probado.

En mi opinión es caro para los resultados. En un té hay que echar bastante cantidad, como un tercio del frasco (3 dosis), y los resultados como potenciador del animo son muy muy leves.


I really like this extract very much. It way better than many other stimulants. For me it worked very well but I have friend who are not as sensitiv to Kanna like me.

Perfect for partys, but if you took many doses over a night you might sleep a long time after you went to bed


Very good experience.150 mg capsule closed and after 90 minutes again the same, for 3 hours I enjoyed very well. (With only one glass of alcohol). Congratulations AZARIUS!!!


I have to say, please use this stuff with caution! I did take a tea of Damiana and Muira Puama before hand, but I also snuffed this product. And because I was foolish and impatient and I took a bit more, then a bit more...I didn't feel anything then went to bed. Suddenly, I jumped out of bed with a fit of anxiety. I had severe anxiety and was up all night. Since then (some weeks ago), I have been struggling with anxiety in a way that I have not had before.

Every kind of product can mess with your brain chemistry, natural ones included. Please be careful.

Azarius: you' re absolutely right, nature has given us wonderful herbs, but extracts can be very strong. About the anxiety: the effects of kanna don't last for more than 1-2 hours, but with some psychoactives it can (however very rarely does) happen that the brain 'remembers' a certain feeling or state. This should pass as well.


When I sniffed this extract it gave me an excellent energy boost and an euphoric mood but after the sniff I felt my throat very "sticky" and I felt the need to drink (for about 5 min). The effects lasted about 30-40 mins.

Some days ago I tried to take Kanna under my tongue (sublingual) and I don't know how much I took (I think low dose) and I felt the same effects but lighter and they lasted about 2 hours. The taste in my mouth it's pretty fine and it dissolves quickly so I recommend this method.


Surprenant! A tester absolument!


This sniff is really the most weird and fun experience since long time. The effect lasted for 30 minutes and I had this speedy and funny feeling all over my body. I will for sure try it again with a higher dose.


He explorado la via intranasal y he de decir que hay que tener extremo cuidado con la dosis. Una pequeña línea 50-75 mgr considero suficiente para alguien de 80 kg por esta vía (la intranasal)
Un rush inicial y euforia que dura una hora como máximo.
Como contrapartida, náuseas y en una ocasión que doblé la dosis antes indicada, vómitos, nada especial con ello, luego me sentí bastante mejor.
A explorar, promete.


Can i smoke this extract?


Kanna verursacht ein schwer zu definierendes Gefühl, soviel vorweg!
Mein Paket kam heute nach 3 Tagen Lieferzeit an.
Die ersten Versuche lagen bei jeweils etwa 50-100mg nasal und wo am Anfang wenig von der Wirkung zu spüren war, ergab sich nach mehrmaliger Anwendung eine super angenehme Wirkung. Man fühlt sich angstbefreit, wohl, ein wenig Ego spielt in das ganze mit rein. Mit Dope gemischt auch ne angenehme Sache!
Man sollte von Kanna generell keine überstarke Wirkung erwarten, aber eine angenehme Entspannung bis hin zu leichter euphorie ist durchaus erreichbar ;)


Echt eine Super Sache! Wenn die Müdigkeit nach der Arbeit kommt, hilft es extrem! Nur schon ca. 100mg (2 gute Schnupfs) kicken dermassen gut, dass man 2 volle Stunden wieder richtig fit ist! Bin wirklich begeistert! Nimmt man noch 2 Schnupfs vom Kanna 10x dazu, könnte mann Bäume ausreissen!! Echte Empfehlung. Vielen Dank!


Wie immer schnelle Lieferung und das zeug hat mich überzeugt! Ich spürte bei kratom oder ähnlichem nur wenig aber beim kanna hab ich eine deutliche wirkung gespührt. Schon nach einer kleinen dosis die ich schnupfte.
Und vielen dank an azarius für die überaschung im paket:D


100mg-200mg oral haben eine sehr deutliche Wirkung, die sogar gut 3 Stunden anhält.

Stark stimmungsaufhellend und in den ersten 30 Minuten ein richtiger Rush.

Geraucht ebenfalls ganz nett.


Woop woop! This was really stronger than I expected. The rush lasted for about 40 minutes. I gave me a real energy boost and a happy funny feeling. My friends also loved it. Good job Azarius!


Tested the Kanna UC2 in sex and it was one of the best sex experiences of all. My girlfriend isn't into any type of psychoactive substances and she said it was really strong and fantastic effect. Everyone must try it really!!!


KANNA UC1 5 sterren
KANNA UC2 3 sterren
Ik geef de UC 2 maar 3 sterren want het effect is aanzienlijk minder dan de UC 1.
De kanna zat als 1 vochtige bal in het buisje en om er elke keer een stukje vanaf te breken om vervolgens een beetje fijn te krijgen was erg vervelend.
Daarbij komt het feit dat hij nog eens duurder is dan de UC 1.

Ik moet wel zeggen dat als Kanna UC 1 niet bestond het wel een goed product zou zijn.
Eigenlijk alle effecten van de UC 1 alleen dan vele malen minder en wel meer een down/mellow gevoel (waar ik totaal niet voor ga als ik kanna UC neem)


Also ich hatte mir vor Monaten schonmal das 10X Extrakt bestellt und war überhaupt nicht überzeugt davon aber U2 hat meine meiung definitiv geändert ich kann mich meinem vorgänger nur anschließen bei nasaler Applikation gering dosieren denn man erlebt für 20in echt einen krassen Einschlag danach ist man noch 1h etwas wacher und besser drauf als sonst


Wow, simply wow...this uc2 extract is truly more powerfull than normal kanna extract, for 15-20 min it's a real takes at least 5 mins to come up and I was not expecting it to be so strong I should have done a bit less!;)


Het lijkt niet erg te verschillen met het andere UC extract, voor mijn gevoel, maar gelukkig is het maar een paar euro duurder.
Ik zal hier verder mee experimenteren om erachter te komen of dit sterker of juist minder sterk werkt.

Jammer dat er niet aangegeven wordt in welke mate dit extract meer mesembrine bevat, zoals wel wordt aangegeven bij het 10X extract.

Gevoelsmatig zou ik zeggen dat het normale UC extract een 20 tot 25X extract is en dat het UC2 extract zich ook ongeveer hier bevind, maar ik vind dit moeilijk te beoordelen. Misschien kan er sprake zijn van tolerantie, of is dit extract om één of ander reden net zo potent (en misschien zelfs wel minder) dan het UC extract.

Verder is en blijft kanna een fijn goedje, dus ben ik er wel positief over.


I have been using the original kanna since it came out verry happily.

i tried the 10x extract and liked it as well, .

i have not tried the uc,

but the uc2 is not for me. it doesnt do anything. it seems that to me that by isolating mesembrine the synergistic effect of the other compunds in kanna has been lost.

similar to marinol and cannabis.

i think on this one nature has given a big fuck you -)-

. and the argument for combining it with food or chocolate is a moot point.

the only thing chocolate has going for it is the mao-inhibiting effect and the anti-oxidant.

kanna itself is mao-inhibiting. so it does not make any sense.

and eating food means your body will activate the parasympathetic ( relaxing) nervous system by itself.

i take kanna when fasting , then it has a calming as well as an active effect.

props to customer service of azarius . i was able to exchange the rest of the kanna uc2 for a new 10xtract.

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