Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) tincture 50x

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) tincture 50x

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The all-natural kratom herbal powershot is by far the easiest way to enjoy kratom with almost instant effects. The Mitragyna speciosa extract provides a calming effect for hours on end.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is indigenous to the lush rain forests of South East Asia, specifically Thailand and Malaysia. Many different alkaloids have been identified in kratom, but mitragynine is the most important, causing a paradox of effects: it both stimulates and sedates.

Effects kratom tincture

The main active ingredient, kratom extract, has both stimulating and relaxing qualities and the effects last for several hours. The onset of the effects is within five to ten minutes of ingestion.


Drink up to half a bottle (5 ml) per dosage.


Mitragyna speciosa extract, distilled water, naringin, glycerine, alcohol (14%). All natural: no chemicals or sugars added.


Don’t use this product when pregnant or nursing. Do not drive or operate machinery while under influence. Keep away from children, store in dry and cool place.

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Customer evaluation for "Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) tincture 50x"


    • - Geen merkbaar effect

    Na consumptie van het volledige flesje voelde ik jammer genoeg niets


    Very, very, veeeeeeeery disappointing experience :(

    I first drank half of the bottle on an empty stomache, then waited for 30 minutes. No slighest effect - not a single one. Then I drank the other half of the remaining 10ml - to the very same disappointing result. Absolutely nothing happened.
    It should be noted that I have no (cross)tolerance to any opioids and my last use of 10g Thai Kratom leaves I made a tea of had been many many months ago, and those worked just fine back then.

    Whereas when I tried this so-called "50x" tincture today (12th April 2014, so a very long time after my last use of Kratom), it was an utmost waste of 14,50€ - a very high price considering 10g of Thai Kratom leaves cost 7,50€ in comparison on Azarius and work much better.

    Fortunately, I also ordered 10g of shredded Thai Kratom leaves together with this tincture (because I already had a hunch the tincture would be too good to be true and probably wouldn't do much) and brewed a tea of those after this being a let-down more stellar than a sinking star. The tea was rather weak too (is it just my memory playing tricks on me or did these use to be of a way higher potency some years ago also?) - however - in comparison to this alleged "50x tincture", the effects - albeit mild - were quite notable and confirmed the tincture was naught but a placebo I wasted my money for.

    Decide for yourself which of the following you'd prefer to purchase:
    1. A 10ml(=10g) liquid tincture labelled "50x" devoid of any effects whatsoever for 14,50€.
    2. 10g of shredded Thai (or other) Kratom leaves not throwing around bis "50x-strength" numbers with mild but notable effects for 7,50€ or less.

    My advice: Instead of spending 14,50€ on a tincture that does absolutely nothing, buy 2x10g of shredded Thai Kratom leaves for 15€ - you'll get a lot more for your money, because you can always make a stronger tea by increasing the amount of shredded leaves added to your tea until you reach a potency to your liking.

    I wonder what these tincture is being made of. Often mitragynine is claimed to be the most responsible ingredient for the effects of Kratom on these sites. This is scientifically known to be not so. According to the latest research I know of, it is wrong. The ingredient that is responsible for most of Kratom's effects is instead the alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which while existing within the plant in significantly smaller amounts than mitragynine, compensates for that by being approximately 30-fold more potent than mitragynine and - depending on sources - about 17-fold more potent than morphine, which more than makes up for the tiny amount of it contained in the whole, unprocessed Kratom plant in my opinion.

    This tincture is described as an extract, but if what is extracted from the plant is naught but the mitragynine alkaloid, then little do I wonder that it is so weak that I feel virtually nothing from it.

    Insight into which alkaloids actually went into this tincture and in which amounts from the plant would be most conclusive and helpful - yet they are not revealed. The mere description "50x" is perfectly meaningless - 50 times of what? Sounds like a big number, that's all. 50 times nothing is still nothing.

    The now sold-out liquid label VivaZen prove that liquid Kratom could be both satisfactorily effective as well as not tasting too bad. If you're looking for a replacement for VivaZen, don't bother with this tincture.

    Azarius has quite some nice products too, but this was by far my worst purchase. A super let-down.

    My recommendation:
    Do yourself a favor and order whole plant material instead.

    Kind regards


    Jammer dat Vivazen out is (en waarschijnlijk voor langere tijd) maar dit spul is een meer dan waardige vervanger! De smaak is uiteraard afschuwelijk, maar vermengd in wat vruchtensap lukt het wel. De effecten zijn onmiddellijk merkbaar: je bent happy, relaxed, en toch energiek genoeg om wat te klussen in huis of zo.

    Dit product is een echte aanrader voor kratomfans!


    Clear headed joy and extreme physical relaxation.
    One of those herbal shots you can't afford to miss out on!
    Perfect for a lazy sunday or after a long day of work (make sure you don't have to get out of bed too early the next morning haha)
    The sweetest afterglow.

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