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Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare) extract 25x

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Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare) is a relatively unknown herb made from the leaves of the tree with the same name. The tree is found in various jungles and wetlands throughout Southeast Asia.

The extract is used in China as herbal medicine for common colds, sore throats and mild pain relief. Independent studies have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Properties which the Combretum quadrangulare tree shares with other species in the Combretum family.

Sakae Naa is used by many people in Thailand and Myanmar though it is reportedly seldom sold. Farmers pick the leaves themselves and chew or smoke them, using it as a substitute for Mitragyna speciosa because Sakae Naa is remarkably similar to it in both look and taste. The effects are energizing and mildly sedating and last up to 4 hours. However, the Sakae Naa is less potent than Mitragyna speciosa, which makes this extracted form quite interesting.

A number of 33 Azalysts participated in this test round. Of these 33 participants, there was 1 (3%) that indicated to experience no effect at an average dosage of 1.5 grams. The data that is presented below is based on the output of 32 Azalysts and represents average responses. For more detailed experiences, we refer you to the reviews.

More information on the Azarius Test Team.

Sakae Naa effects

Sakae Naa has effects that are similar to M. speciosa. In Asia it’s favoured for the energizing, stimulating feeling which some users experience as a ‘rush’ not unlike the rush one feels from caffeine. Secondary effects include mood-lifting and mild sedative effects. For the sole intent of relaxation, Sakae Naa is not the best option available, but in combination with work or other activities it provides a pleasant stimulus. Effects come on quickly and last up to 4 hours.

Combretum quadrangulare usage

We recommend making a tea using about 0.5 grams, though experienced users may take up to 1 gram.


Do not to participate in traffic or other activities that demand your concentration. Usage of Combretum quadrangulare in high dosages may be mildly habit-forming. Acute side effects include dry mouth, loss of appetite and constipation. Side effects from long term use include weight loss, insomnia, and a darkening of the skin, particularly on the cheeks. Do not combine with MAO-inhibitors. Keep out of reach of children.

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