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Magic mushroom grow kits for growing shrooms at home. You don't need much space, special equipment or even a green thumb - just a little bit of patience. The mushroom grow kit does all the work for you!

Grow kits for beginners & experienced growers

There are ready-to-grow kits for beginners so all you need to do is add a little water or mushroom grow kits for experienced growers which allow you to choose the mushroom spore strain yourself.

Buy magic mushroom grow kits online

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Our former starter's grow kit. The Mushroom Grow Kit Basic will introduce you to the basics of home magic mushroom cultivation. In four steps you will learn more about the…

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A basic mushroom grow kit utilizing the rice flour cake method (PF Tek). This kit contains vermiculite, rice flour and cultivation boxes to get you started. Note: mushroom spores are…

1 piece - $17.63

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Magic mushroom growing made extra easy. This grow kit contains all you need to cultivate your own shrooms in just 3 easy steps.

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The Grow Kit Easy Ohne contains almost all you need to easily grow your own mushrooms at home. In three easy steps, you will prepare a ready-to-grow cultivation box. Please…

1 piece - $29.78

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For bumper harvests! The Grow Kit Master is based on a simple and proven cultivation method. Contains all necessary materials to grow 1 kilo of fresh magic mushrooms, except for…

1 kit - without spore… - $54.10

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Grow your own magic mushrooms with the mushroom grow kit 'Ready-To-Grow'. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. After about 3 weeks the first shrooms can…

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Spawn bag for the psilocybe azurescens mushroom, to grow your own mushroom garden. The Azurescens strains thrives outdoor, on a bed of wood chips.

1 bag - $23.71

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The Mushbag contains over 1400 grams of sterilized rye, and is fitted with an air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with a spore…

1 bag - $29.78

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