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Mushroom growing accessories

Various materials like perlite, vermiculite and filter boxes to cultivate magic mushrooms on a small or a large scale, as well as accessories like dishes and heating mats that make the life of a mushroom grower (professional or otherwise) just a little bit easier.

Growing mushrooms gets easier at Azarius!


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Empty syringes to make your own spore syringes.

10 ml - $1.22

Erlenmeyer flasks are very handy when cultivating mushrooms at home. The small and medium size are perfect for making spore syringes. The large flask is mostly used for working with…
Bag with a microscopic filter for the cultivation of mushrooms. Autoclavable. 10 x 20 x 50 cm.

1 bag - $1.22

Small autoclavable filter bag for the sterile cultivation of mushrooms. Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 45 cm.

1 piece - $0.92

This product is out of stock.

Plastic filter jars. Perfect for growing your own mushrooms. Available in five sizes: 280 ml, 565 ml, 870 ml, 1000 ml and 1200 ml (rectangular).
This infrared heating mat will keep your mushrooms growing, even in otherwise cold or damp environments. The mat only heats objects in close proximity and spreads out the heat evenly…

1 piece - $18.24

Powdered latex gloves, dispenser box of 100 gloves.

1 box - $19.52

The Mycomate® Liquid Culture is an innovative mushroom product. Just inject 1 ml of water with spores into the Liquid Culture vial and shake once a day to get your…

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Petri dishes are very useful for the cultivation of mycelium on agar media. They’re packed sterile and come in sleeves of 33 dishes. Made from polystyrene.

1 sleeve (33 petri… - $11.59

A petri holder so you can easily stack your petri dishes with agar media. The petri holder is autoclavable.

1 piece - $27.45

A scalpel is very well suited: to scrape the spores from a sporeprint, to cut out pieces of mycelium on agar and/or to cut out live tissue from a mushroom.

1 piece - $3.05

To optimize sterile conditions for cultivating mushrooms.

1 piece - $0.61

Sterile gloves, to work as sterile as possible when you're busy with your homegrown mushroom cultivation.

1 pair - $1.83

Helps keeping humidity levels high.

1 litre - $5.49

Biological riceflour. Meant to use for riceflour cakes.

250 gram - $4.27

Important ingredient for the substrate of growing your own mushrooms.

1 litre - $4.88

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