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Sporemate vial B+

Sporemate vial B+

6892 Mondo Mycologicals

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The person who first discovered Psilocybe cubensis 'B+' originally introduced it as a P. azurescens/P. cubensis hybrid. It can occasionally develop caramel-colored broadly umbonate caps similar to P. azurescens however it’s 100% Psilocybe cubensis. Stems can vary from snow white to yellow/golden at base.

This strain grows aggressively on a wide variety of substrates and within a broad range of temperature, tolerating colder colonization and fruiting temperatures well (all the way down to 60F or lower). When grown on more nutritious substrates such as cased grains, compost, and straw, B+ is has the potential to produce enormous fruits, easily achieving a height of one foot (30cm) or greater. Above average fruits on BRF as well. Loves the outdoors!

Vial contains 10 ml. of spore suspension. Sterile syringe, alcohol swab and instructions are included.

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