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Sporemate vial Mexicana

6896 Mondo Mycologicals

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This strain originates from samples collected near Guadalajara and Talpa (Mexico). Please note it does not appear to be a sclerotia-producer (see the Galindoi strain if you want sclerotia).

Psilocybe mexicana also produces enormous clusters of mushrooms on cased grain or when expanded onto pasteurised or sterilized compost. Potency of the mushrooms is on par with cubensis, however weaker than Paneoulus cyanescens (Copelandia cyanescens, a.k.a “Hawaaiin”).

A vial contains 10 ml. of spore suspension. Sterile syringe, alcohol swab and instructions are included.

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Customer evaluation for "Sporemate vial Mexicana"


Est-il Possible d'ajouter une dose de ce flacon dans un Kit de culture champignons magiques Mazatapec.? Comment faire.? Avons nous un champignion plus effet et plus puissant.?


hellaas ze willen niet fruiten, ze stonden in twee bakjes op rogge volledig doorgroeid, met een vermi casinglaag ook goed doorgroeid, in een filterzak bij ongeveer 23 graden. 1 is groen geworden, de ander blijft indentiek er gebeurd niets :( azarius; wat doe ik fout?


I found out that they fruit best and fast on birdseed!
Wow i´ve got 15,5g dry fruits with a case of 100g birdseed
after 5! Flushes!

See here pics of th 3. Flush(4g dry) on birdseed:


het duurde iets langer dan cubensis, maar de sporen zijn dan toch uitgekomen, (op rogge)


I've purchased this vial, and innoculated a 100mL Liquid Culture.
I can see the mycelium grow already! =D

I also innoculated it on 10 PetriDishes, but nothing yet.

Thanks azarius for this wonderful strain!

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