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Nootropics are herbs and supplements that increase mental energy and enhance your cognitive functions, such as memory, focus and alertness. This class of substances is also known as 'smart drugs' and is becoming increasingly popular.

While we're still far away from the super drugs shown in the movies Limitless or Lucy, more and more research is being done into nootropics and the benefits they can provide.

Please note that Azarius does not sell research chemicals, but only herbs and supplements that have been properly tested and are safe for consumption. For more information, check out the nootropic encyclopaedia page.

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Brain-E is Happy Caps' very own energizer for the mind. It enhances your focus and concentration for hours on end.

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DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol, is a compound that helps improve concentration and memory.

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Looking for that state of mental flow where your mind just takes everything in? The FOCUS2 formula will lock your attention on any task without the use of caffeine.

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Enhances concentration and mental clarity by improving the blood circulation of the brain. Also useful if one is suffering from cold hands and feet.

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Ginkgo formula consists of several ingredients that are beneficiary to your concentration and memory. The main ingredient is Ginkgo biloba, which some people refer to as 'The Fountain of Youth'.

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Protects against stress and exhaustion, removes toxins from the body, and enhances the immune system.

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Bring your mind in gear with the new, improved OmniMind No.1 formula. Drop a cap once in awhile and you will be solving crossword puzzles with scientific precision.

OmniMind N°1 - $36.15

When leading a busy and active life, the body is sometimes unbalanced. Panax ginseng helps to restore the natural balance again, by restoring vitality and zest. In Latin, panax means…

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Want to unlock the near limitless potential of your mind? Paneuromix stimulates your grey matter and kicks it up a notch, leaving you more time to enjoy the good things…

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After surviving adventures through the most barren regions of the planet and studying ancient scrolls on the secrets of life The Mushroomist presents three mysterious mushroom elixirs.
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