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The Trance Sensation SLICE is a potent herbal solid bar made from 100% natural psychedelic herbs and herbal extracts. It’s not a party drug or something that makes you trip, but it does brighten your senses, slightly altering your perspective on the world.

The main ingredients of this herbal slice are salvia divinorum, marihuanilla and bay bean.


Approximately 30 minutes after consumption, you’ll start to experience a light but pleasant sense of floating. It’s a milder form of tripping, your senses will become clearer and you experience your surroundings in a different way, but without ever losing control.

This feeling is especially prevalent if you take the time to concentrate on it. That’s why we recommend a quiet setting to fully enjoy everything Trance Sensation has to offer; for example surrounded by nature. The effects last two to three hours.

Trance Sensation usage

Break a small chunk and dissolve it in hot water for a delicious, relaxing tea. Take approximately 1 gram for a normal dose or 1.5 gram for a strong dose.

What is a SLICE?

SLICE is a herbal blend that’s compressed to a compact bar. Each SLICE blend has a unique recipe with exotic herbs and concentrated herbal extracts to make a relaxing and mildly psychedelic tea.

Hemp oil has been added to all SLICE bars to give it a slightly moist feel and characteristic herbal aroma. Hemp oil has a neutral flavour and doesn’t interfere with the taste or effects of the main ingredients. The colour of the bar may vary, but the contents and effects remain consistent.

SLICE is not a party drug or strong psychedelic, but rather intended to be enjoyed in a serene setting. For example in the comfort of your living room or surrounded by nature. The mild effects make SLICE a delicious treat for sensitive users as well.

SLICE herbal solid bars

SLICE bars are available in different delicious and mind-blowing varieties. Check the chart below to find the right SLICE for you!

Variety Effects
SLICE Blackadder

A relaxing blend of kratom and kanna.

SLICE Jo-burg High

This mix of wild dagga and damiana relaxes and acts as aphrodisiac.

SLICE Magic Thunder

Psychedelic formula containing kratom and salvia.

SLICE Trance Sensation

The most potent psychedelic SLICE. Contains salvia and marihuanilla extracts.

SLICE Power Spice

Formulated with kratom, salvia and wormwood extracts. Great for relaxation mixed with some trippy feelings.


Salvia divinorum, Salvia divinorum extract, Leonurus sibiricus extract, Canavalia maritima, Heimia salicifolia, Hemp oil.


Long term use may impair the memory. Potential short term side effects are muscle pain, aching joints, exhaustion and headaches. Do not use when pregnant, nursing, in combination with alcohol or medication. Do not participate in traffic after use. Not suitable for minors, store in a cool and dry place.

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Customer evaluation for "SLICE Trance Sensation"



  • + Easy to use

    Well, I didn't really know what to expect but I kind of liked the effect. Really smooth and sweet. You need to get used to the tast with is rather bitter. I think I will try some other slices now. Thank you Azarius!



    • + goed verpakt
    • - erg bittere smaak
    • - No effect

    Om te beginnen eerst maar de helft gebruikt. Na een uur nog geen effect en de andere helft
    ook genomen. Weer een uur verder en nog steeds geen enkel effect. Had hier hoge verwachtingen van, maar helaas.



      • - No effect

      Because I tend to need quite a lot of psychoactive substances, I took 2 cups of tea with all the 3 grams of the substance at once on an empty stomach. Yet, there was no feeling at all, not even the slightest.



        • - Déçu

        Jsuis pas un grand drogué expérimenté mais en vrai, même en étant fatigué j'ai pris 1.5g de ce mélange en infusion et puis .... ha non en fait rien dutout après 1h d'attente. Ducoup j'ai refais une tisane avec les 1.5g qu'il me restait et alors là par contre ... toujours rien ...



        comment dire... c'est de la merde :'D



        It does exactly what is described. Very mild but pleasant. Your perceptions of your surroundings will be enhanced and everything will contrast more.



        I made the tea using hot water and 1.5g of Slice Trance Sensation as per instructions. The taste wasn't pleasant, but bearable. I had eaten approx. 3 hours previous. After one hour, still baseline. After 90 mins, I decided to make another tea with the other 1.5g. After a further 90 mins, I was still baseline. I decided to go to bed and slept my usual 7-8 hours. I woke the next day as usual with no ill effects. I am disappointed, and the only reason I gave it two stars instead of one was the speed of shipping.



        Does not work, I spent 3 grams, and I have not noticed anything. I was disappointed a lot. Do not waste your money on this.


        No funciona, he consumido 3 gramos, y no he notado nada. Me ha decepcionado mucho. No malgasteis el dinero en esto.

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