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Rapé | Ceremonial tobacco snuff

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Rapé is a natural tobacco snuff combined with different aromatic and mildly psychoactive herbs. It is often used in ceremonial settings and has a grounding effect which fosters a sense of communion. Rapé is not entirely appropriate for a wild night out but rather a welcome addition to any chill evening with close friends, campfire optional. Buy different herbal rapé mixtures from Azarius smartshop and clear your mind from unwanted clutter.

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Bobinsana - also known as "Hug of Light" will add an amazingly warm and empathetic buzz to your Rapé experience.

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Rapé is an ancient shamanic snuff from the Amazon rainforest. This blend contains Caapi, an MAO-inhibiting plant that adds a dreamy, trance-like effect.

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Rapé Cetico Wild Mint has an amazing minty aroma. It makes you feel grounded, focused and relaxed.

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Enjoy a meditational Rapé trip with this relaxing Guarumo blend.

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This Rapé blend is enriched with Guayusa - a strong energizer that can induce lucid dreaming.

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The grounded, clear-headed effects of Rapé, combined with a happy, uplifting kanna buzz - we think it's a match made in heaven!

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This powerful, uplifting Rapé blend enhances your mood, boosts your energy and induces lucid dreaming.

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Get rid of all your stress and negative thoughts with this intensely relaxing Mai Joshim Rapé blend.

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Try this energizing Rapé Matico formula for an energy boost during your Rapé trip.

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Mapacho, also called wild tobacco, is the main ingredient of all rapé blends. This rapé consists of pure mapacho, ready to be sniffed or blended to taste.

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Rapé Tsunu is named after the first ever shaman, who can transform into an anaconda. Although this blend might not change you into an anaconda (but hey, who knows?), it…

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