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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UB40 extract

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UB40 extract

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The UB40 kanna extract variety is made especially for vaporizer enthusiasts. This extract is coarser than other kanna extracts but the potency is comparable to the UC2 extract.

What is kanna?

Kanna is a South African narcotic plant also known as Sceletium tortuosum. Its relaxing property was discovered by the Khoikhoi over 300 years ago. The tribesmen would chew or sniff kanna for pleasure and increased mental energy.

Vaporizing kanna

Kanna powder as well as most kanna extracts aren't suitable for your vaporizer because the powder particles are too small. They will go right through your screen and you end up chewing instead of inhaling the vapour - not a very pleasant experience!

Kanna UB40 extract has just the right consistency to be compatible with any dry herb vaporizer, making it the easiest way to enjoy all the wonderful effects Sceletium tortuosum is known for, using your favourite vaporizer.

Another advantage of this extract is the rapid onset of effects: you'll feel pleasantly relaxed within five minutes.

Kanna UB40 extract usage

For a light experience use 25 mg. If you're already familiar with the kanna or more tolerant to its effects, use up to 40 - 60 mg.

It's recommended to use this extract in a vaporizer heated at 188°C. This is the sweet spot for extracting all the active substances in vapour form, but without any of the unwanted by-products you would get from smoking.

The taste may be earthy and bitter, so we recommend mixing it with your favourite herb.


Kanna produces a number of closely related effects, including a general feeling of relaxation, mental energy and a social buzz.

When vaped, the onset is four to five minutes. Effects don't lasts as long as other methods of consumption, but can be prolonged by quickly taking a few small puffs.

Azarius test team

Infographic Kanna UB40

Kanna overview chart

Which kanna products should you choose? The chart below gives you a quick overview of the various kanna products Azarius has to offer.

Variety Information Potency
Kanna powder

The powdered kanna plant. Recommended for those who like a light effect.

Kanna Happy Honey

Relaxing blend of honey, kanna and valerian.

Kanna 10x extract

10:1 extract. Ten times more potent than the regular herb. Best used as a tea.

Kanna UB40 extract

Like UC2 but contains plant material to make it coarser. Perfect for use in a vaporizer at 188°C.

Kanna UC extract

Pure extract without plant material, stronger relaxation effect. Best ingested in a capsule.

Kanna UC2 extract

Like UC but best mixed with food. Slow onset; long-lasting effects. Best mixed with food.

Kanna ET2 extract

Potent extract with very rapid onset. For those experienced with kanna. Best used as snuff or tea.



Sceletium tortuosum is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I), such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), Banisteriopsis Caapi, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Yohimbe, and certain anti-depressants.

Read more information on MAO-inhibitors in the Azarius encyclopaedia.


Our kanna encyclopaedia page.

For more information about this interesting plant, please visit

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Customer evaluation for "Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) UB40 extract"


Klein beetje poeder op 190 graden verdampt.
Begon binnen 1 minuut al te werken. Een erg fijne dromerige high. Energieker en prateriger dan wiet.

Geen last gehad van hoofdpijn of misselijkheid. Wat mij betreft een aanrader!


  • + Eurphoria
  • + Moodlift

    I littrary just recived this in the mail. I find this extremly relatable to weed, littlebit too close. I'm littrary scared that I will fail my drugtest for this xD Even though there hopefully is no THC. And especially for me who dont smoke weed anymore and I have done psychadelics. Then the effects of the Kanna hits extremely intense :P I'm happy, just promise I don't fail my drugtest thanks xD


    Je wordt heel kalm van dit product, alsof je rustig in de zetel zit klaar om een goed gesprek te voeren met iemand. Het effect komt vlug maar tis een rustig gevoel, je voelt je er echt door op je gemak en is totaal niet overheersend.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    Very nice, stimulating, euphoric effect. Not overwhelming but clearly noticable.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    For me not really suitable, although it does what it promises.
    The effect was there, but not so strong.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    I find the UB40 extract to work less stimulating and more relaxing than other varieties of Kanna. It gives you a really nice, content state of peace. A bit like being high but less heavy in the head I guess.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    I had read some descriptions and reviews, and I was somehow expecting something social/cuddly.
    I tried once with 25mg, as I read that was the base dose. I am not sure I felt anything.
    The second time we took about twice as much, and I definitely felt more relaxed, a bit more open, and cuddly.
    For sure less anxious.
    It was nothing crazy in-your-face oh-my-gosh-I-am-tripping balls, more along the line of feeling OK.
    I spent a couple of hours chatting, cuddling, watching something with my parter.
    After that, I had an amazing sleep. Maybe it was related, maybe not.
    The following day, I felt an amazing afterglow. Probably it was the good 9h of sleep, but maybe it was a combination.
    I will for sure use it again again.

    In general, I would say the effect felt a bit like a light joint, but less jittery, less slightly anxious-if-I-pay-attention-to-it.
    Considering that, I will try using it for a few evenings and see what happens.
    Given the price per usage, it is really worth it.

    (Also, please note: I checked online, more than once, for the dosage, and I kept on reading 25mg.
    I am an engineer, and yet, I kept on thinking:
    "25mg, that's a quarter of a gram, 4 doses per container".
    Only when I got to loading the vaporizer, I realized it could not possibly fit, re-checked, and realized I was trying to go for a 10x dose. I am not sure it would have been that bad, or that overwhelming, but it was for sure not my plan.
    Please use a good scale)

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    At first, I smoked 60 mgs of the Kanna extract. (I have a handy vaporizer, so the method of the ingestion wasn't any problem. Because of the size of the herb, It couldn't be smoked in cigarettes or bongs.)

    I liked the taste of the smoke, I've done it before many times. After about 2-3 minutes the effects began to reveal clearly and it was pleasant overall. I felt the urge to smoke a cigarette and drop a few lines to one of my penpals.
    I was studying before puffing and had a mild hangover because of the beers I drank the night before (that's why I decided to try Kanna out).
    It must have had some nootropic properties as well, for taking the brainfog away. The long-term SSRI therapy like motivating buzz was present too.
    These effects lasted about 50-60 minutes, after which I hit the vaporizer for more than 4 times. It didn't have any unpleasant side effects (SSRIs might decrease your libido and cause headaches, restlessness and anxiety. Kanna might not :D )

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    Tried it after a long day at work. Did the trick to set me in a relaxed setting . Goes very wel with weed . Wich I smoked afterwards.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    The UB40 smokeable and vaporizeable Kanna Extrakt mixed with various herbs will give you a pleasent relaxed and joyful "light" high. It´s compareable to a low dose Kratom mixed with Caffeine. The onset time after Vaporizing came very quick and "from behind" , it was about 10-15 Minutes before full effects came up. The light headed relaxed feeling will last for about an hour and the fades away as quick as the onset time is.

    A good product for those who like to get a little high in Public with a portable Vaporizer and be stealth by using it. It just smells a little bit like burned herbs, well it is practically exact that^^

    If you´re a home user i´d prefer the ordinary Kanna Extracts for snorting, the act longer and are more intense, but overall this is a good product too, maybe a little pricy.

    Stay safe guys

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    I like the effects of the substance. The combination with cannabis is my favorite use. it intensifies the effects of cannabis, without the "couch lock" most of the time. And Cannabis intensifies the Effects from Kanna. So this is a dream team. If consumed in the vaporizer, the effects are a mild head-and-heart-"high", and a feeling of social engagemanent, means: one likes to talk to others. The thinking is still clear and there is no dizzyness (for my experience). But it should NOT be combines with other SSRI's.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    This was my first time vaporizing a Kanna extract. I do have some experience with regular kanna, both smoked mixed with cannabis and snorted. I would say this vaporizer extract is best used at night for its relaxing quality, which is the opposite effect of when you sniff it (sniffing is more stimulating). Initially my heart rate went up alot which caused me to feel anxious and restless, that feeling had a duration of 5-10 minutes. After that episode passed i felt relaxed, empty minded and slightly dreamy, great for hanging out. I will try this extract again soon with a different setting hoping for no anxiety next time. All in all I would recommend this product if you are curious about something new or to people experiencing anxiety of some sorts. I felt relaxed and content after the first 10 minutes passed.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    It gave me a relaxed, mellow feeling, comparable to cannabis, but it did not taste as good. It is a nice alternative if there is nothing else to vaporize to calm down.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    Iam not new to testing stuff both for compans and for my fun and experience gain.

    This product had suprised me a bit. I needed bigger dosages to get somewhere 60mg++ But it realy kicked my ass then into diffrent experiences. So in all it could be a very usefull supplement for the herb toybox depending on what you expect and even more heavily on the seting youre in.

    The good ones:
    1) I tryd it at home besides my mate while music was running and dim light.
    - Was fun and even made me a bit more upbeat.
    2) I tryd it alone at home in bed in silencewhile looking through some artworks.
    - Also a nice experience but turned me a bit more inside myself.
    3) I tryd it 2x in a social situation in a club with music and food.
    - This was a harder experience... I had shifts between connecting to people openly and retreating into a slight music trance.

    The bad one:
    5) I was at home at my pc. Reading some articles about one of my online games while have it running in the background. So I thought why not testing a low dose. 30mg. As result I ended up dizzy and sleepy. Had a hard time to concentrate me on the text before my nose and felt a bit sick.

    I think I like the stuff so far and I looking foreward to test a few combos with other herbs in the new year with it. Theres potential. But you have to do something to unlock it. Its not an 'just hit and forget' product.
    I would recommend everyone to do a pile of testruns with diffrent dosages and in diffrent situations before comeing to an conclusion about this stealthy beast of an herb. It seems it can do alot. But only when everything is right for you. Find you comfort seting and have a nice time.

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    I definetly felt the onset, my body relaxed, my mind got clearer but i still felt a little flash hitting me.
    Nice, gentle experience :)

    * This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team


    Der euphorisierende Effekt ist durchaus spürbar und sehr angenehm. 5 Sterne kann ich dennoch nicht geben da die Menge in Relation zum Preis einfach nicht wirklich akzeptabel ist. Mit 1g kann man nicht wirklich viel machen und mehr bestellen geht dann doch etwas ins Geld.


    In navolging van de gewone Kanna variant, het 10 Keer extract en het uc extract ook deze versie geprobeerd met mijn Volcano vaporizer in combinatie met dutch spirit longkruiden.

    Het effect is duidelijk verschillend van de door mij normaalgesproken gebruikte snuifmethode. Het effect van verdampen 188 graden, volcano stand 7, is subtieler en aanzienlijk minder oppeppend. Het effect op mij was eerder rustgevend en ontspannend met een behoorlijk gedachteloze psychologische ervaring.

    Prettig, euforisch, mild en de smaak viel mij reuze mee.
    Het proberen waard voor de Kanna liefhebber. Voor regulier en zelfs dagelijks gebruik blijf ik het 10 keer extract als favoriet beschouwen. 'S ochtends een sleutelpuntje snuiven is een prima natuurlijke oppepper in drukke of emotioneel zware tijden. Je hebt er de hele dag plezier van.

    Deze variant ub 40 kan ook goed in de avond voor het slapen worden gebruikt.


    Das Zeug ist toll, aber ich wollte mal fragen ob man 1. es in einer Glaspipe rauchen kann? 2. Sie in Zigarettenpapier/Papers rollen kann (wie einen Joint)? :)

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