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Even more useful vaporizer accessories. "Oh Azarius, where would I be without you?". Excellent question!

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Use your NiteCore charger on the road with help of your car and this 12V cord. Also fits many battery chargers.
1 piece - $5.27
Ever had two unused batteries die on you because they had discharged each other? Never more!
1 piece - $2.93
Show off your beautiful AirVape Xs while it is charging.
1 piece - $22.82
The Airvape Xs magnetic charger is a brilliant invention for all those vape devotees that are impatient or just like to push things too hard.
1 piece - $22.82
The Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case holds your Arizer Air and two spare parts. Keeping your Arizer Air handy at all times for a sneaky puff or two!
1 piece - $13.46$7.02
Charging dock for the Arizer Solo vaporizer
1 piece - $28.67
The new version of the Nitecore Intellicharge i2 will help you charge your growing collection of rechargeable batteries.
1 piece - $22.24
This universal USB car charger works on the DaVinci IQ, but also on any other device that charges through USB.
1 piece - $8.78
Are you getting annoyed by always having to plug your vaporizer into your computer when it needs charging? Just connect your DaVinci IQ to this universal USB-adapter using your own…
1 piece - $8.78
Connect your DaVinci IQ to any water pipe with a 14 mm connection (which is practically every water pipe).
1 piece - $16.97
Sometimes the simplest tools give the best result. You'll be amazed at what you can do with your flame powered vaporizer and a bunch of fibre.
This O-ring symbolizes eternity. There is no beginning or end, a ring simply exists, doing whatever a ring does. Coincidentally, this piece of art can also be used in the…
1 piece - $1.76
A pack of four replacement screens for the Elevape vaporizer.
1 piece - $11.12
Looking to reset your Fenix Svaty experience? A brand new mouthpiece will do the trick.
1 piece - $2.93

This product is out of stock.

A replacement Silicone mouthpiece cover for your Fenix Svaty.
1 piece - $1.76

This product is out of stock.

Spare inlay for your Fenix Svaty mouthpiece.
1 piece - $1.76

This product is out of stock.

Charging the Firefly 2 is super simple and quick with a charging dock.
1 piece - $34.52
Wall adapter let's you charge your Firefly 2 in different regions.
3 pieces - $22.82
USB cable for charging the Firefly 2 or hooking up to a computer.
1 piece - $6.44
The FlowerMate car charger will allow you to charge your vaporizer (V5.0/S/Pro) batteries in any vehicle.
1 piece - $16.97
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